She Reads Truth: Ephesians : Day 1

Ephesians 1:1-14 | “Blessed in Christ: Adopted, Redeemed, Forgiven for His Glory”

Paul attacks some difficult topics in the book of Ephesians: it’s one thing I love about Paul, he doesn’t sugarcoat things. He begins this book with encouragement that hits right to the core.

  • You are blessed (Greek, eulogeo: favored of God).

  • You are chosen (v. 4).

  • He has made you holy and blameless.

  • You are adopted as children through Jesus Christ. (v. 5)

It is difficult for me to read through this list of His promises to me and feel worthy. I typically chose to see the ugly and broken parts of me, believing that I need to clean myself up before I bring myself before Him.

Ready for the next part?

Blessed, you were chosen before He created the world. Before time began, He knew you. (v. 4)

Before the world even began, you were blessed, adopted and forgiven: these are promises that we need to cling to and remember! We are sealed with the promise of the Holy Spirit for the most incredible inheritance. An inheritance we can’t fully fathom, and one that we are given. Truly, truly given.

  • Have you received these promises?

  • Do you find yourself working to clean yourself up before coming to Him?

  • Today, bring to Him the yuckiest area of your life. No prior cleaning necessary: He will do that for you.

  • How can we be praying for you?

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