Here I Am, Lord: Devotions from Time of Grace

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The Bible is the very Word of God. But these words were not given to mankind all in one gulp, all at the same time, all through one person, all in the same style. The Bible was revealed to us over the course of 1,600 years and utilizes quite a variety of literary styles: history, law, sermons, poems, libretto to a musical, wisdom sayings, drama dialogue, letters, and prophetic visions. Almost all of the Bible is presented in a style that brings information from God to us.

Except the Psalms. The content of the Psalms came from God, but he couched much of the book in first-person language to give us a vocabulary for speaking to him. The Psalms are first-rate devotional literature, guiding our thoughts and emotions as we give God our praises, petitions, groans, laments, puzzles, confessions of sin, cries of pain, and pleas for protection, forgiveness, guidance, and healing.

Roughly half of the devotions in this “Here I Am, Lord” plan express petitions for help, and the other half brings thanks and joy. It is my hope that these little “Bible studies for busy people” will enrich your prayer life and lead you to an even greater appreciation of the marvelous spiritual resource called the Psalms.

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God knows that our tongues and brains sometimes lack the words to say, and so he provided the beautiful book of Psalms in his Word to provide vocabulary for us to bring our thoughts and concerns to him. These devotions, one for each day of the month, use psalms to help you voice your needs and hurts and joys to the Lord.


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