Love God Greatly: You Are Forgiven

SOAP – Isaiah 59:2
Sin separates us from our Almighty God. His justice and holiness move Him to be actively righteous, always acting in a perfect, fair, and righteous way. Because of mankind’s inherited and innate sinfulness, we naturally oppose God. God’s justice shows us the seriousness of our sin which leads only to death.

In what situation does it seem that sin and evil have the upper hand? Where in your life do you need God’s grace and mercy? Though sin abounds, sin is not infinite. God has made provision to deal with our sin through His perfect justice and His abounding grace. God’s justice makes no sin acceptable, but His grace makes no sin unforgivable. When faced with your own sin or the sin of others, seek God urgently for resolution.

Father God, I thank You that there is no sin too undeserving, too inexcusable, or too shameful for Your forgiveness. Thank You for being the One from whom I have the right to expect nothing, yet Who blesses me with everything. In Jesus’ name. Amen.