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Thank The Lord That He Is Still With Us, Through The Holy Spirit 

The Holy Spirit is another reason to be thankful because He is our helper. The Holy Spirit helps us to do the things that Jesus commands us to do. Without the Holy Spirit, how can we do all things through Him who enables us? 

In John 14, Jesus says that He is going to prepare a room for us and that He will come back one day. He promised not to leave us alone, so he sent the Holy Spirit to live inside us. The Holy Spirit is changing, teaching, and leading us to be like Jesus. 

Holy Spirit is the 3rd person of God here with us right now.

Do This Today 

  1. What can you thank the Holy Spirit for today? (Guiding you, teaching you, showing you things you need to do).

  2. Pray that you are more aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence in your life and that you sense Him in His leading.