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Sex in the Garden

Sex is a really big topic in our culture. The internet, television, and all forms of media are blasting out worldly sexual misinformation that is consistently hurting men and women in the church. 

For the past 30 years, I have worked with men who struggle with sexual addiction and integrity issues, many who have been sexually abused and exposed to pain in their past. I’ve also worked with women who have been betrayed by these men and are experiencing trauma from the disclosure of infidelity or addiction. I have also or with Christian couples that struggle with Intimacy Anorexia and a lack of sexual intimacy. 

For over thirty years I have worked with men and women who have experienced or been married to someone who has experienced sexual abuse and trauma in their past. Some individuals have a deep-rooted pornography or sexual addiction, and this has impacted their sexual relationship with their spouse. Some marriages are experiencing a lack of intimacy in their marriage. I have found intimacy anorexia (the withholding of intimacy spiritually, sexually, and emotionally) prevalent as well in Christian marriages all over the world. 

A few years ago, I was talking with one of my clients who struggled with sexuality in his marriage. He said, “I grew up in church, Dr. Weiss, and the message I got was sex is bad and dirty but save it for the one you love.” I found this statement so sad. God’s Word has many more beautiful things to say about sex. Through this plan, I hope to open your heart to His beautiful message about sexuality.

Usually when I’m speaking at marriage conferences the topic of sex comes up. I usually stop and ask the crowd, “When did God create sex?” and in every crowd someone will say, “After the Fall.”

You see, many Christians connect sex with the result of sin. This is absolutely so not the case at all, and I want to prove it to you from the Word of God.

Understanding when God created sex is so important because it gives us a beautiful context for sexuality. In Genesis 1:20-23, we see what happened on the fifth day of creation- God created the sea animals and the birds and in verse 22 it says, “God blessed them and said, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number…’” 

The only way for them to fulfill this command of God was to have children. The only way to have children was to have sex. So, from the fifth day on, all the animals were having sex. Also, note that God blessed them. 

Sex from God’s perspective is a blessing. Sex was happening in the Garden of Eden all the time. The only creation not having sex for a while was Adam. Sex was in the sinless creation of God.

Sex is good, godly, holy, and hopefully fun in the context of the sacred relationship called marriage. Let this sink deeply into your heart: sex was happening in the sinless garden.

So, you see – sex is not a result of the Fall; sex was a blessing from God as well as a method to procreate. Through this, we show that the inception of sexuality was created before the Fall and existed as a sinless concept and a command by God in the Garden of Eden.