Freedom Starts Today

Day 7 of 7 • This day’s reading


The Hope That Does Not Disappoint 

Your journey is underway, but it isn’t done; it’s only just begun. Don’t worry that we’ve reached day 7. It was never about a number. It is about learning to surrender daily, repent daily, confess daily to another, and depend on God (along with others in the body of Christ) daily to fight your battles against sin. 

I want to close with a story about my friend David. He became addicted to painkillers in high school, which progressed to a heroin addiction. After more than a decade of using, he confessed to his wife and went through detox and recovery facilities to no avail. He stole from stores, hocked his wife’s wedding ring, drained their bank accounts, and stole over $25,000 from our church to feed his habit. After a DWI, six felony charges, and a nine-month state jail sentence, he only went deeper into his addiction.

While strung out and walking around downtown Dallas, a piece of paper blew onto his leg. He grabbed it and saw the words GOD LOVES YOU. Then and there, he surrendered to Christ and spent a year in a discipleship program. 

His faithful wife, Lauren, waited for him through all those years of hell while suffering through his addiction and praying (God bless all the steadfast spouses out there!). And as for the church he stole from? He was hired on as full-time staff on the facilities team and now literally has the key to every door in the entire church building. Apart from Jesus, drug and alcohol addictions that run their course result in one or all of the following: rehab, jail, homelessness, death. 

Whatever your struggle, whatever your story, remember that you follow a God who makes all things new. In Christ, your past does not define your future; God does, period. So give it all to Him—the past, the pain, the loss, the struggles, the disappointments, the everything. He will use it all for your good and His glory, and the world will stand in awe.

Remember, our time together didn’t bring you freedom; Christ did. Keep the daily surrender and daily proactive commitment with another person intact and make war: “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery” (Galatians 5:1). If you’d like to continue this journey and these daily readings, Freedom Starts Today has a 90-day program to walk you out of your struggle and into freedom in Christ. The book is available in hardback and paperback where ever books are sold.



Ask God to give you a prayer of hope. Ask again tomorrow. And the next day. What word(s) is God speaking over you. Write it down. Date and sign.

Text and let that same person know if you stayed free from your struggle by God’s strength for the past 24 hours. Also let them know if you want to go another 24 hours without giving in to your struggle by God’s strength.