Freedom Starts Today


Useful to the Master 

“No man ever became holy by chance. There must be a resolve, a desire, a panting, a pining after obedience to God, or else we shall never have it.” —Charles Spurgeon

Growing up, my dad was always doing projects in the garage. I was fascinated by all the different tools, saws, wrenches, and drivers. He’d let me build things, take things apart, and use his equipment. Now that I’m a dad, I have tools of my own. And in particular, I have a few different socket sets. One set is pristine, each socket in its place, wrenches clean, in good condition, and ready for use. Another set is older, covered in grime, and randomly tossed into an old can. Guess which one I use most?

God says we are like that. He longs to use us for His work. I remember, after trusting in Christ, having a deep yearning to be used by God. I was newly sober, and after years of squandering my life, I was so eager and hopeful that God might use me for something or someone. So I prayed and watched for Him. I read the Bible and learned about Him. I got on my knees daily and pleaded with Him to take away my addictions and sin patterns. I changed the music I listened to and started singing worship music. I was changing because He was changing me. He was ordering my life and cleansing me from my sin.

As a worldly, materialistic, foolish drunk, I was like that random collection of old sockets—not worthless, but not super useful in my condition. The Master took me and rearranged me, cleansed me by the blood of Jesus, and restored me. He prepared me for good works, and He does the same for you today.

The Bible says God is our Master and longs to use us in His miraculous plan to rescue the world from sin and death. But to be useful, we must be ready. Ask God to get you ready. Put away sin and put on godliness. Soon you’ll find there is no greater adventure or life than one devoted to God’s kingdom work, His glory, and to laboring by His power. Get yourself ready, because God is longing to put you to great use.


Write a prayer asking God to reveal to you what area of your life needs cleaning and reordering so that you can be used by Him for His purposes. In a position of humility, pray and ask God to keep you from your struggle for the next 24 hours. Date and sign.

Text and let that same person know if you stayed free from your struggle by God’s strength for the past 24 hours. Also let them know if you want to go another 24 hours without giving in to your struggle by God’s strength.