Freedom Starts Today

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The Daily Plan

If you want to overcome addictive behavior, waiting until the behavior has occurred yet again can leave you feeling stuck in a defeating cycle. But what if you both confessed your sin and decided to go on the offensive. The theological term is repent—a turning from sin by turning toward God.

We do this by making a proactive decision by God’s strength not to do/use/say/go/act upon “xyz” over the next 24 hours. Then, let another person know about your commitment, and plan to follow up with them 24 hours later and let them know if you abstained.

Then, when temptation inevitably comes during that period, you remember your commitment that you’ll have to follow up with your friend the next day (your resolve is strengthened), you pray more (become dependent on God), you reach out to your brother or sister in Christ for help (they pray and encourage you). After 24 hours, you call or text and tell them if you stayed free from whatever struggle and also make another proactive commitment of 24 hours free from that struggle by God’s strength. You follow up again after another 24 hours, commit again, and repeat this daily.

In this way, I’ve seen so many people freed from addiction. When I was first getting sober, I would remember I’d have to call Charlie, my A.A. sponsor, the next day and let him know whether or not I stayed sober. That communal aspect of my recovery, knowing I’d be checking in with someone, was pivotal and strengthened my decision not to drink that day.

Traditionally, as people war against sin and fall, they feel “it” didn’t work and give up trying. You are willing to learn a new way of living: regardless of falling, the answer is daily repentance. This is a practical, immediately applicable methodology of learning to war against sin daily while providing a powerful promise of God or a transforming truth for each day. It requires your personal interaction and commitment, and a faithful brother or sister in Christ to journey along with you or it’ll be a waste of your time.

I am a recovering alcoholic. I was a drunk for 12 years and now have been sober for 15. The journey you begin now will walk you through the same path of getting free from an addiction that God used to set me free, and that I’ve seen so many others use. It’s simple. It’s powerful. It’s the gospel. And it’s for you.

What are you afraid of? Confess your fears and leave them with God. 

Text the same person you contacted earlier and let them know if you stayed free from your struggle by God’s strength for the past 24 hours. Also let them know if you want to go another 24 hours without giving in to your struggle by God’s strength.