New Year: Living With Purpose

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Live Every Day

Having a year filled with vision, purpose, and goals will make for a year filled with meaning and a sense of fulfillment, but only if you commit to live into these things every day. Many people will have a vision and even set good goals, but will never follow through with them. Their enthusiasm for a life of purpose will last a couple of weeks, but soon fades away. The words Paul wrote to the believers in Ephesus are so critical to a purposeful life. We must give attention to how we live, day by day. We must determine to make the most of our time. How then, can we manage to live every day, not randomly, but on purpose?

There are four simple, practical tools that can help us do this. Individually, they will be helpful, but success is likely to increase dramatically as all four tools are practiced together. To live on purpose, we focus on these four things every day.

  1. Remember your vision. Vision breeds purpose, provides direction, and fuels passion. When we have a vision for what God wants for our lives in the new year, reminding ourselves daily of that vision will help us to live that day with greater intentionality and with our vision before us.

  2. Review your goals. Goals help us monitor our progress, so if we review our goals daily, we can make sure that we are moving toward our vision, and not wasting our days.

  3. Make a list. Take time to determine the focus of the day. Decide what is most important to accomplish that particular day. Some days it may simply be a phone call that needs to be made to accomplish the next goal that moves you closer to your vision being accomplished. Sometimes, it may even be to rest, or to relax and be refreshed in your body, soul, and spirit. Every day has value, and we should not waste them.  

  4. Most importantly, begin each day with prayer. Make sure you take a few minutes to pray over your vision, your goals, your list, and your day. Remember how Jesus said to abide in Him, because apart from Him, we can do nothing. We actually can’t live this kind of purposeful life, except by the Spirit of God. We should, of course, pray throughout each day, but we can’t do that if we do not start the day with some time in prayer. If you want to live a life of vision and purpose, God will help you do it. The starting point is prayer.

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