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Faith Strengthens

Who is the true God except the Eternal? Who stands like a rock except our God? The true God, who encircled me with strength and made my pathway straight. (Psalm 18:31-32, Voice)

I love the ways of the Lord. When we are weak, He gives us strength. When we are weary in the battle, He trains our hands for war. God never fears. He is never anxious, never caught off guard. He knows His strength. We can be assured that when we need His strength it will be there. The Bible has a solution for every one of your problems. Every Scripture that you apply by faith, God will undergird with His strength. God treasures your dependency on Him. It is your faith in His strength that keeps you in peak condition. Those who believe they are strong enough to fight the battle alone can be defeated. Pride does come before a fall. Acknowledge your need of God’s strength every day. Admit that it is tough to go it alone—and why would you want to, when you have Almighty God as your rear guard? He champions your cause. He knows the way that you take and when you come forth you will come forth as pure gold, in His strength and in His Name. 

There is a contemporary saying that knowledge is power. The real truth is that knowledge only becomes power when you apply it to your life. And again, you will only apply the knowledge if you believe it is true for you. Your confidence grows when you know and believe that you are His unique creation and that He has taken care of even the smallest details with excellence, and all His works are wonderful. Exploring the ways, the will, and the words of the Lord brings deep knowledge and insight. One of your best uses of time is to grow in the knowledge of the Lord by reading, meditating, and listening to learn. This discipline builds your faith and you will speak with authority about that which you have learned, experienced, and know firsthand. 

Thank You for encircling me with Your strength and for making my pathway straight.