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Faithful Words

The Holy Spirit will give you at that very moment the words to speak. It won’t be you speaking but the Spirit of your Father repeatedly speaking through you. (Matthew 10:19b, Voice)

There are countless times when I have been in situations when I have needed inspiration, wisdom, or insight—and at that very moment, the Holy Spirit has given me the words to speak. And they have always been just what the situation needed. You may be facing a circumstance or a difficult person, or you may need wisdom to find a solution. It can feel like the answer is far from you, but there is One who hears; One who knows. All you have to do is ask. It can be the quietest whisper, under your breath, asking the Holy Spirit to give you the right words or miraculous insight. You will be astonished at how He responds to the request. 

Faith always attracts God’s attention, and He is ready to come alongside you when you give Him first place in any situation. I have marveled at the significant decisions that have been taken in life and in the business arena, based on an idea or a solution that I knew could only have come from God. Stay connected with Him—He is faithful and true. He will surprise you, and since He is all-knowing and is faithful beyond measure, you will be delighted with His answers, and your faith will soar to new heights.

Thank You, Lord, that You are with me in the day-to-day simplicities and complexities of my life. Nothing is too difficult for you.