God Is There


In Jeremiah, chapter 29, the Israelites knew that God was in Zion, a city that was known as the City of God. But God was also in Babylon–a wicked, godless city where life was difficult. Although the people of Babylon were seemingly far from God, he was there in their midst. Additionally, God said that the people would find him there if they intentionally sought him out. He had not abandoned them, but instead encouraged them that they could find him in any situation if they searched with all of their hearts. If you find yourself in a difficult season, know that God is there in that season alongside of you. He can be found when you intentionally seek him. He will not forsake you.  


Reflect on a moment in your life, when you had an undeniable revelation that God was there. If you haven’t had moments like this, pray & ask God to reveal himself.  

Where in your week can you create space and time to seek God?