Abiding in the Psalms


Do you feel like you aren’t sure how to pray? David pours his heart out to God in this psalm with what is weighing on his mind. As we read, we find some key lessons on prayer:

God Hears You

David says in verse 6 that he calls on the Lord because He will answer him. Sometimes we don’t get the answer we expect, but we can trust that God knows what is best for us and will guide us through every experience and season. 

God is For You

God is not for sin. He is not for disobedience or unrighteousness, and because of Jesus we are not tied to our sin. Our sin has been paid for and God now sees us as righteous people. This means He is for you. Whatever is best for you, that is what God desires. As you pray you can know that the one who holds the stars in their place wants the best for you. 

Surrender Your Prayers to God - He Is All You Need

In verse 15 David says, ‘I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness’. What an interesting finish. David knows that ultimately all he needs is God. So as he comes to God in prayer he can surrender the outcome of his prayers to God, all the while continuing to fix his focus on that same God. 


1. Why is it important to know that God hears your prayers?

2. How does knowing that God is for you help you pray?

3. How can you surrender your wants, needs and desires to God? 


Dear God, please hear my prayer. Thank you that I can be confident that you do hear it because you are for me. Here is what I’d like to surrender to you today….