Fresh Fire For Couples


Disconnect from What’s Disconnecting You

Distractions are everywhere, and they are Satan’s tactic to steal, kill and destroy. Unfortunately, Satan is the god of the world we live in (2 Corinthians 4:4), which is why we need to be extremely careful to make sure he does not become the god of our relationships and marriages. Satan is not creative. He uses the same tactics today that he used many years ago. 

As we read the Bible, we learn Satan distracted Martha with busyness. She was so busy serving that she didn’t have time to listen to Jesus’s teaching, and then got upset that her sister Mary wasn’t distracted and was doing what was important...listening to the teaching of Jesus. Martha was unable to discern what was truly important, and we see this happen often today. 

Satan is killing marriages, but as God’s people, we have power against the enemy and what God has brought together, no one shall separate.

We love what Proverbs 4:25 (MSG) says, “Keep your eyes straight ahead: ignore all sideshow distractions.” In other words, in our everyday lives, we need to learn to keep our relationships in focus by ignoring anything that has the potential to distract us. 

One of the many distractions we face today is social media because you might find yourself spending countless hours connecting with others, while disconnecting from your partner. We’ve become a generation that stays connected to what’s meaningless while disconnecting from what’s meaningful. If you transfer the countless hours you spend on social media into your relationship with your partner and God, we wonder how much deeper and connected you would be. You might be one disconnect away from a major-breakthrough. 

If our Lord and Savior recognized the importance of disconnecting, then we need to do the same. Luke 5:16 (NLT) says, “Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.” One moment Jesus was with people, and in the next He would disconnect for prayer. Jesus knew how to connect and disconnect, which would recharge and refuel Him for His next assignment. As followers of Jesus, we should follow His leading in this. 

We need to learn when to connect and when to disconnect, because the two go hand-in-hand.


Take a moment to think what might be disconnecting you from your relationship. Is it busyness with life, friends, or even ministry? Is it your cell phone? Could it be worry? What are some things you can disconnect from to grow a greater connection with your significant other?


Heavenly Father, forgive me if I have piled way too much on my plate, or have been distracted with the meaningless. Help me to reorganize my schedule if needed, and help me to grow a deeper sensitivity to Your spirit, so I can be led by You in every area of my life. I thank You that as I disconnect from whatever may be disconnecting me, my relationship with my partner and with You will flourish like never before. In Jesus' name.