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Kile Baker April 19, 2020
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THINK ABOUT IT: How you pray reveals how you think.
Question: Is prayer just a spiritual exchange system?
Answer: Prayer isn't about exchanging information, it's entering into INTIMACY.
Two Kinds of Prayer

1. Business Arrangement - Focuses on the EXCHANGE.

2. Family Arrangement - Focuses on the RELATIONSHIP.
Prayer reminds us to HONOR God for who He is and SUBMIT patiently to all He allows.
Prayer gives us perspective on how DEPENDENT we are on God.
Prayer helps us remember that because we're FORGIVEN, we can forgive others.
3 Next Steps for Prayer:

1. DECLARE God's glory.

2. SURRENDER your will.

3. ACKNOWLEDGE your dependence.
Bottom Line: The purpose of prayer is to surrender our will, not to IMPOSE it.
Series Focus: Following Jesus was never meant to be SAFE.
Discussion Questions
Does your thinking influence your prayers, or do your prayers influence your thinking?

How often do you pray without asking for anything?

Why do you think that is?Have you ever thought of prayers as a way to submit to God? Why or why not?

How often do you ask God to give you the strength to forgive others in your prayers? Who do you need to forgive this week?

What is the danger to your life in not submitting to God’s will?

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