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Kile Baker March 29, 2020
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Series Focus: How Jesus prepares us for the moment of IMPACT.
Week #2 Recap:
Everything wrong in the world, will ultimately be made right, by the one who was WRONGED, to make it RIGHT.
Key Questions:

- What are you GRATEFUL for?

- Who can you be WITH?

- What have you MISSED OUT on?

Key Truth #1: If you only concentrate on what you DO see, you won't be able to see everything there is TO see.
Key Truth #2: God wants us to be AWARE of our sin, not to concentrate on the AMOUNT of our sin.
Key Truth #3: Getting the right perspective on JESUS gives us perspective on what isn't right in US.

Gospel Truth: Living in PEACE with people and with God, depends on whether or not you ask for and receive FORGIVENESS.

Ask THEM to forgive you. They're waiting to hear it.

Ask GOD to forgive you. He's waiting to give it.
1. What are you grateful for right now? Do you think our circumstances help you focus on what you can be thankful for?

2. What will you or have you missed out on due to our circumstances? How does it affect your peace?

3. Read Luke 7:36-43. Simon thought he saw people and God correctly, but Jesus points out that he really doesn't "see" with the right perspective. What did Jesus want Simon to "see" about the woman at his feet?

4. Jesus wants us to be aware of our greatest need. What did the woman see was her greatest need?

5. Who do you need to ask forgiveness from this week? How can you show God gratitude if you have already received His forgiveness?

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