Sunday Mar 22, 2020
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Any time we are facing an unprecedented difficulty in our lives it only means we are in position for an unprecedented deliverance!

The DELIVERANCE will always out shine the DIFFICULTY!
Two choices in how we are going to respond:

1) We can choose to be OVERWHELMED
2) We can choose to OVERCOME!

Leader - nasiy - Exalted one, chief, captain, To rise up; someone risen to a place of authority and influence.
Be of good courage - chazaq - To fasten upon, seize, be strong; to summon strength; call upon it
Nevertheless(but) - Conjunction that goes between to opposing thoughts or positions.

We will often be faced with two opposing facts that are both true, the question is which one is going to be the truth that defines our actions.
Quieted - hacah - To hush, hold peace, be silent
Let us go up - alah - To move upward, ascend, or to climb

John Maxwell - “Everything worthwhile in life— everything you want, everything you desire to achieve, everything you want to receive— is uphill. The problem is that most of us have uphill dreams but downhill habits.”
Abraham Lincoln - “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”
Take Possession - yarash - To occupy by driving out previous tenants and possessing in their place.

Two part process to taking possession of new territory:

1) Removing or driving out current occupants
2) Occupying in its place
Well able to overcome - yakol - To be able, have power, might, and ability to endure and prevail.
Our courage today does not come from the absence of Opposition in front of us but rather from the presence of His faithfulness behind us.