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BREATHING ROOM Beating Burnout Kile Baker January 12, 2020
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  • LifePoint Church, Minden, NV
    1095 Stephanie Way, Minden, NV 89423, United States
    Sunday 5:00 AM
SERIES FOCUS: Breathing room is the space between our current PACE and our LIMITS.
The three embers of Burnout center around FEAR:

- Fear of MISSING OUT. Will I get this opportunity again?

- Fear of FALLING BEHIND. How do I measure up to others?

- Fear of NOT MATTERING. Do I actually matter?

Beating Burnout Method #1: The gift of the SABBATH.
Beating Burnout Method #2: The perspective of PRAYER.
Beating Burnout Method #3: The path away from WORRY.
Key Truth: When there is no margin between our pace and our limits it isn't our PROGRESS that's at stake, it's our PEACE.

- Schedule this month's SABBATHS.

- Pray like Jesus taught his disciples.

- Write one worry down and burn it.
1. Do you agree that fear and burnout are related? Why or why not?

2. Which of the "Three embers of Burnout" do you relate to most? How has it shown up in your life recently?

3. When was the last time you took a full day off from work, chores or responsibilities? Why do you think that is?

4. Whether you are a Christian or not, what is your view of the purpose of prayer? Who you're praying to and what you're praying for are both important – which one do you concentrate on more?

5. Jesus tells us "not to worry" which seems impossible. Read Matthew 6:25-33. How does Jesus suggest dealing with worry?

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