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Here to Stay - Preserve Unity by Fighting for Peace
Welcome to Grace Chapel! So often we walk away from conflict, either because we want to avoid it or we’ve given up hope that it will ever be resolved. The Bible makes it clear that our relationships in Christ are to be fought for, even when or emotions rage against them. We can find peace by remembering the grace given to us and generously giving it to others.
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Love your ENEMIES and avoid STRIFE (v. 17)
“In Jesus and for Jesus, enemies and friends are to be loved." - Thomas à Kempis
Let go of OFFENSES and embrace GRACE (vv. 18-19)
“Love that reaches up is adoration. Love that reaches out is compassion. But love that stoops is grace.” — Chuck Swindoll
Examine your own FAILURES and refresh others with FORGIVENESS (vv.19-21)
The PAUSE Principle when seeking peace with others:
· Prepare for the conversation
· Affirm the relationship
· Understand the feelings and perspectives involved
· Search for creative solutions
· Evaluate the options

(Adapted from The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict)

Avoid EMBITTERMENT and affirm your BOND in Christ (vv. 22-25)
Bitterness is anger that has fermented.
This week I will...
· Reach out to make amends with a person who has hurt me
· Ask God to help me release the areas I’ve grown embittered and meditate on what it means to apply grace to these areas
· Go to the to ask for biblical counseling to help me deal with the pain and strife in my life
· Read Matthew 7 and evaluate my own life in light of Jesus’ words

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