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Here to Stay - The Role of the Church in Resolving Conflict
Welcome to Grace Chapel! Conflict in a relationship is part of life in a fallen and sinful world. Yet, when we correctly understand grace and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can have a new power for handling the hard relationship trials in our life. In this message, we look at the letter to Philemon and learn how to avoid the slippery slope of conflict and the church’s role in helping to resolve conflict well.
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We still have conflict
We still have Christ
We still have the Church
There is power in the presence of the CHURCH for resolving conflict (v. 2)

Gossip is talking to someone else about a situation where they are not part of the problem or the solution.
The GRACE of Jesus Christ is our only hope when handling conflict. (v. 3)
The Gospel transforms our relationships from the INSIDE OUT (vv. 4-7)
o It reconciles our relationship with God.
o It reconciles our relationships with others.
o A life of love and faith will result in joy and comfort for others.
You cannot completely AVOID conflict, so handle it biblically (vv. 8-11)
o All conflict is a result of sin
o Conflict is very dangerous
o Conflict brings opportunity
How you handle conflict will REVEAL what is in your heart (vv. 12-14)
Conflict handled biblically within the church will ensure the local church is here to stay.
This Week I Will:
- Go to a person I have a conflict with and strive to resolve it biblically.
- Ask for help from or a church member to resolve conflict I have with another Christian.
- Evaluate my own heart for where I am on the wrong side of the “Slippery Slope”.
- Read Galatians 6 and Ephesians 4.

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