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What is the Gospel? Jesus Christ the Savior
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John Piper – “The most important paragraph in the Bible.”
D. Martyn Lloyd Jones – “The acropolis of the Bible.”
Steven Lawson – “The heart of the epistle of Romans.”
“The innermost meaning of the cross.”
Gospel – “The fulfilled promises of God in Jesus Christ to provide salvation by making us (sinners) his Sons and Daughters”
Review: God
Righteous (v.21)
Glorious (v. 23)
Gracious (v. 24)
Forbearing (v. 25)
“Passes over” (v. 25),
Just and Justifier (vs. 24, 26)

Review: Man

- Sinner
- Falling short of the Glory of God
Glory = The purpose of God in all things -- and in the creation of man
Our Redeemer

Redeem = the action of saving or being saved from sin; Regaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt.
Our Propitiation

“The satisfaction of God’s just wrath over our sin.”
John Stott: “God Himself gave Himself to save us from Himself.”
Our Righteousness
Righteousness = To be made right (holy) through inner transformation
The glory of the redeeming, satisfying, righteous, victorious Gospel in our Savior Jesus Christ:
This week I will consider …
· Have I asked Jesus to be my Savior and apply all of His righteousness and perfection against my condemnation and judgment?
· Do I manage my life to accommodate my sin? Or do I ruthlessly search for the sources of sin and root them out? (Matthew 5:29-30; Colossians 3:5; Romans 6:13)
· Do I call sin “sin,” or do I lessen its effect by calling it something less condemning, less evil, more acceptable?? (Romans 6:12-14)
· When I sin, do I quickly take it to God in confession, and receive His cleansing? (John 1:9)

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