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Happy Are the Generous
Aaron Dowds
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A generous person has decided to order their financial lives around generosity
So much of our financial problems are not so much a financial problem but a spiritual problem. Our ability to be generous is first and foremost a spiritual issue. It is a contentment and self-control issue.
Generous people don’t assume it’s theirs to consume.

Ordering and prioritising your financial life around generosity requires a plan. And once you have that plan and if you stick to it this is the result. You will:

Give more.
Save more.
Consume less.

And Jesus promises you will be happier.

Why Giving Makes You Happy

“Start giving your money and time away: New research shows you’ll be happier for it. Americans who describe themselves as “very happy” volunteer an average of 5.8 hours per month. Those who are “unhappy”? Just 0.6 hours. This is just one of the findings in The Paradox of Generosity, a new book by sociologists Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson presenting the findings of the Science of Generosity Intiative at Notre Dame.            The result is among the most comprehensive studies of Americans’ giving habits ever conducted. Other findings include lower depression rates among Americans who donate more than 10 percent of their incomes.  And giving away money isn’t the only way to reap the psychological rewards of generosity: Americans who are very giving in relationships—being emotionally available and hospitable—are much more likely to be in excellent health (48 percent) than those who are not (31 percent).

We Don't Feel Rich But We Are

An income of $32,400 (£25,600) per year would allow someone to be among the top 1% of income earners in the world.  The term “top 1 percent” of global income may sound like an exclusive club, but it’s one to which millions of Americans (and Brits) belong. It’s a reminder of just how prosperous developed countries are compared to the vast majority of other people who share our planet.
What Generosity is not:
· Spontaneous. Random giving. Generous people are far more strategic than spontaneous.
· Determined by income. Generous people’s generosity is not determined by how much they make. If your giving is: I give when I can afford it and don’t given when I can’t then you may be a good spontaneous giver but have yet to learn to “be generous”
· How much is given. The only person who knows if a gift is generous or not is the person who gave it.
Generous people have:

· A Plan

· An amount. A decision how much you will give

· A destination. Have decided where their money will go. What is good soil to plant in? Where am I investing into God’s kingdom? Where will my money be used to further the gospel? Where will my money help the gospel to be preached, people to be won and disciples made? That has eternal results! What am I grateful for? What am I broken over?
The Bible and Possessions
Did you know that the Bible is saturated with teaching on possessions;

17 of the 38 parables of Jesus are about possessions.

In terms of number of verses on possessions, this topic is mentioned in the Bible more than any other:

three times more than love
seven times more than prayer
8 times more than belief.

About 15% of the bible (2172 verses) deals with possessions – treasures hidden in a field, pearls, talents, pounds, stables etc
If you live a generous life (not just have moments of giving) and order and prioritise your life around generosity – you will be happy.

Happiness is an outcome of a lifestyle of generosity. An outcome of a lifestyle.

Essentially he is saying:

“Happy is the person whose life is ordered around giving rather than receiving.”
JMS (Interviewer) : And yet the book argues that generosity has to be practiced consistently to offer rewards to the giver. It can’t just be a single act of giving blood or something like that.

CS (Christian Smith): It has to be a practice, it has to be something that is sustained over time, that people engage with regularly. One-off things just don’t affect us that much, whereas things that we repeat, things that are sustained in our bodily behaviors and in our minds, have tremendous effects on us. The empirical evidence was very clear. Nothing we tested where you just do it one time has an effect. But all the things that you have to sustain over time have that effect.
John Wesley Quote
“gain all you can, save all you can, and give all you can” because “all that we have is given us by God, and since we have been entrusted with these possessions, we are responsible to use them in ways that bring Him glory.”
Donald W. Hinze Quote
“People are not naturally disposed to giving, yet, the life that we all prize, filled with joy and spiritual depth, is closely tied to giving generously and with thankful hearts.”

Donald W. Hinze. To Give and Give Again: A Christian Imperative for Generosit
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Our children’s Gangs are for all children from age 1 to those in Primary 7. Our Gang’s operate during the message part of the service and we enjoy bible stories, games, toys, craft, prayer, worship, snacks and lots of fun together.

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We Value the Power of Prayer

“Supernaturally Transforming Lives and Circumstances”

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” – Philippians 4:6 NIV
As a church we have numerous stories of people who have had prayer answered and seen incredible miracles take place. We have stories of; miraculous healings, miraculous protection from danger and harm, children being born when it seemed impossible, hospitals and orphan’s villages being built in Haiti and many, many more examples that God still answers prayer today and miracles do happen.
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“Our Church is not built on the talents and gifts of a few but on the sacrifice of many.” –Brian Houston

The Vine church is as effective as our people. The greatness of our church relies on the heart of our people and their willingness to serve others. Our church functions because ordinary people give their time, talents and energy willingly and cheerfully to serve others.

Joining a team is an excellent way to get connected into the life of our church, make friends and help the church to grow. In fact the growth in health and size of our church depends on every member serving and “doing their own special work”:

“…as each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is growing and full of love.”
Eph.4:16 NLT

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Ladies you’re warmly invited to Adorn, a regular inspirational evening with dynamic teaching, fun and a great place to make new friends and develop your inner beauty as woman after God’s heart.

Adorn more than your appearance and attire, let your adornment be what’s inside

“Let your adornment be what’s inside – the real you, the lasting beauty of a gracious and quiet spirit , in which God delights.” 1 Peter 3:4
Fight Club 59
Fight Club

Men, Your hour has come to move from fed up to head up.
Fight Club trains men to fight an excellent fight.
It leads men to win the right battles.

Fight Club trains men;
To fight to discover your identity, purpose and destiny.
To fight the real source of the opposition and resistance you face.
To fight for your life, your marriage, your family, your brothers, your cities and your nation.

Fight Club
Trains men to be

Warrior Worship
There is a great stirring in the worship and it’s time for us all to join the momentum building and get hungry for more. Nothing compares to God’s presence, and nothing can mimic, transform or breakthrough in our lives like His awesome presence.

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