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Pesach - Why is Good Friday Good?
Good Friday service of Celebration Church Netherlands.
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  • Celebration Church Netherlands, Hilversum
    Neuweg 148, 1214 HA Hilversum, Netherlands
    Friday 6:30 PM, Friday 8:00 PM

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Reopening Celebration Church Hilversum, Huizen is closed

We are so excited about reopening our Celebration Church building in Hilversum. Huizen is sill closed! We want to thank you for your support the last few months as you continued being a church in your own home and region. Let’s continue this as we open our church again. 1) Reserve a ticket via celebrationchurch.nl/reopening. 2) Before leaving your house, use the toilet and wash your hands. 3) We adhere to the 1.5 meter rule. 4) During worship you can hum, but if you really want to sing along, use a face mask. 5) Do you have any symptoms? Please stay at home, watch our livestream and let us know so we know how we can pray for you.(We adhere to all guidelines of the RIVM, municipal Hilversum & Huizen and VPE, because your safety is important to us, changes are reserved.)


Celebration Church Livestream

Livestream remains available for those staying at home / vacationers. Services are bilangual at 18:30 and 20:00. Livestream only at 18:30 via www.celebrationchurch.nl/live

Why is Good Friday Good?

Good Friday is the moment when Christians commemorate the death of Jesus the Messiah. In this message, Ittyuel Khokhar will show how Good Friday is the fulfillment of the Biblical feast of Passover. Jesus is the perfect Passover lamb, and by his death on the cross he came our Savior and Redeemer.

Pastor: Ittyuel Khokhar

Waarom is Goede Vrijdag goed?

Goede Vrijdag is het moment waarop christenen stilstaan bij de dood van Jezus de Messias. In deze boodschap zal Ittyuel Khokhar ingaan op hoe Goede Vrijdag de vervulling is van het Bijbelse Pesachfeest. Jezus is het volmaakte Pesachlam, en door zijn dood aan het kruis is hij onze Redder en Verlosser geworden.

Pastor: Ittyuel Khokhar


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