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What's Your Perspective? - Phil Kendon
The pandemic has hit the world hard and by now many of us know people who have been very sick or even passed away. The impact on our world - economically, socially and psychologically - is severe. But at the same time, there are amazing things happening spiritually as God’s kingdom advances despite the turbulence. It is important to have a realistic perspective of the challenges we face. But just as important is the perspective of faith that allows us to see what God is doing. We have a responsibility as the church of our generation to seek and work towards a spiritual awakening in a time of crisis.
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  • Redeemer Church Mauritius
    Sunday 9:00 AM
1. There are often two ways of looking at the same thing

The duck / rabbit picture reminds us to look beyond our immediate impressions.
2. Facing the facts

The world is in a crisis and it is affecting many of us and our loved ones deeply.
3. The perspective of faith

There are also amazing signs of God’s kingdom advancing both online and in Iran.
4. Walking towards spiritual awakening

The church in Ephesus met together for daily discussions and trusted God in prayer.
5. What will we be known for?

Will the church of our generation be known for the things we are protesting against or the acts of service we bring to the world?
Choose your perspective wisely during a crisis.