Sunday, Jan 31, 2021 - Part 13
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Deceive - planaō - To cause someone to believe a lie; mislead, lead astray, wander or stray from the truth
Offended - skandalizō - To entrap, trip up, cause to stumble or sin

False prophets - psĕudŏprŏphētēs - One who claims to be a prophet and is not and thus proclaims what is false; are not speaking under God’s direction
Endures - hupŏmĕnō - To be persistent; refuse to stop; not be moved, stay under
Seven kingdoms that make up the beast:

1) Egyptian Empire
2) Assyrian Empire
3) Babylonian Empire
4) Medo-Persian Empire
5) Greek Empire
6) Roman Empire
7) Ottoman Empire
Seventy weeks - Ancient Israel - A week either meant 7 days or 7 years.
- Seventy-week plan
- 70 units of 7 or 490 years

Daniel writing - 538 BC
6 promises:

To finish the transgression - Israel’s national rebellion against God will end.
To make an end of sins - The time of sins will come to an end. Is 60:19-22 - V21 - your people shall all be righteous
To make reconciliation for iniquity - Jesus paid the debt for all sin
Promise of what will come through the Messiah to Israel
To bring in everlasting righteousness - Jesus will be King of a kingdom ruled by righteousness.
To seal up vision and prophecy - God will bring fulfillment to all prophetic promises.
Some fulfilled through Jesus and some through His return
To anoint the Most Holy - Jesus being the anointed one and His glory emanating from the temple in the Millennium.

62 units of 7 years - 434 years - 26AD; Jesus is 30
3 1/2 years later is around 30 AD
“The people of the prince”; Who is the prince? Has he come yet? When?

- “he” shall confirm a covenant with many for one week (seven years)
- Titus the Roman general? Titus never engaged in a 7-year peace treaty.
- The Antichrist is the one who will establish the 7-year peace treaty.

Who is the people of the prince?
- If the prince is the Antichrist then who are his people?
- “of the prince” - means they are of the same lineage as the Antichrist and - he is of the same lineage of those who destroyed the temple.

Roman connection
- Roman army was made up of different Legions
- Legions were composed of men from the different areas that they controlled.
- Titus led the Eastern Legions of the Roman Empire not the Western; surrounded Jerusalem with 3 legions on the Westside and a 1 on the Mount of Olives to the East.

- Legion 5 - Macedonia - Serbia, Bulgaria
- Legion 12 - Fulminata - Eastern Turkey, Syria
- Legion 15 - Apollinaris - Syria
- Legion 10 - Fretensis: Turkey, Syria
- Legion X (10)
- Thrum: Syria
- IV Cohort Thracia: Bulgaria and Turkey
- Syria ulpia Petraeorum: Petra in Edom (Jordanians)
- IV Cohort Arabia (Arabs)