BASIC TRAINING: The Making Of A Soldier
Sunday, Aug 23, 2020 - Part 4
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Worshipped - proskyneo - To bow or prostrate oneself as an act of allegiance to or regard for

Doubted - distazo - To duplicate, waver, To be uncertain; To stand where two ways meet
Two things every soldier needs to know:

Mission - Direction - What are we trying to accomplish? What is the goal? What is the objective?

Rules of Engagement - Authority - When, where, how, and against whom military force may be used, and what actions soldiers may take on their own authority and what directives may be issued by a commanding officer.
Therefore - ŏun - Consequently, cause and effect of what precedes to what follows; reaction as a result of an action
Two key foundations in authority for every soldier:

Source of authority - Truth; source of information

Authority - exousia - Ability and power over a domain or sphere of influence; jurisdiction; limits or territory within which authority may be exercised

Submission to authority - Commonality of purposeSubmit to a system that operates based on authority.

It is not arrogance to operate in the authority given to you by Jesus it is negligence not to!
Go - pŏrĕuŏmai - Move from one place to another, travel, be on one’s way; it refers to taking a particular course of action, conduct one’s life
Fellow workers - synergos - Working together with; co-operating
Mission: Go therefore and make “Disciples” - “WHAT” to do

Disciple - mathētĕuō - v - To train as a disciple, to teach or instruct, make a disciple of, to cause someone to become a disciple or follower of a specific teacher or leader
What is a “disciple?”

A disciple is one who follows Christ, trusting in Him alone for salvation, worshiping Him, loving Him with their whole heart, imitating His life, by obeying His teaching, walking in the Holy Spirit, meditating on the word of God, engaging in prayer, and partnering with the body of Christ (local church) resulting in the transformation of the mind, the heart, and the life causing them to lead others to do the same.
Nations - ĕthnŏs - A large group of people based on kinship, culture and common traditions with physical or geographical ties; socio-political community
What is our Mission? Great Commission!

We understand our mission - Transformation of people to transform culture (nations)

We know the rules of engagement - Operate within the system of authority given to us in Christ
Churchekklesia – translation church didn’t come around until 1400 or 1500 from Latin word that means house or House of God.

Ekklesia was a legislative assembly or governing group. Idea of a Senate.

Ek – Out of or origin
kaleo – to call

Ekklesia – group of people called out to change the culture of a region to match the culture of the one who empowers them.
Binddeo -

- To exercise authority over something on the basis that it is not legitimate - to prohibit, to not allow, to not permit.


- To exercise authority over something on the basis of its being legitimate - to permit, to allow;
- To release from control, to set free.
Unskilled - apĕirŏs - Inexperienced, unacquainted with, ignorant, unpracticed

Use - hĕxis - Systematic training by multiple repetitions; doing repeatedly again and again; habit

Exercised - gumnazō - To become conditioned and disciplined through training.