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August 20 2017 | tlcrva
Our life of discipleship is a process of spiritual growth and development. Young or old, new to the faith or a long-time believer, each of us is being continually formed and shaped by the Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit who first gathers us as members of the Church, and it is the Spirit who guides our on-going growth in God’s grace. As we read and study God’s Word and receive the Lord’s Supper, we learn about and experience the grace God offers to us through Jesus Christ. We see how that grace changes us for now and eternity and the ways we can display that grace to our community and world.
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Growing in Grace: "In or Out"
The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost
Romans 11:1-2, 13-15, 28-32 ESV

What would be lost to us if some episodes of Jesus’ life and ministry that are recorded in the Bible were not found there?
Do we consciously or unconsciously convey that people have to meet certain standards in order to be part of us?
While Jonah is complaining about God's mercy, the book of Jonah declares that God loves everyone!
Is today's church for some people or is it "a house of prayer for all peoples", as our text maintains?
Prejudice and pride may draw a circle that excludes people from God, but the very nature of God is to love all of his people.
When the world declares "You're out" God declares "You're in"

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