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United, Sort Of...- THE (NOT SO) U.S.A
Pastor Kile Baker July 5, 2020
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History Moments: The 13 Colonies
Series Focus: How to be UNITED when we don't agree.

Diversity: The differences in parts, groups or people that form a variety.

Unity: The joining of different parts, groups or people to become a whole.
KEY OBSERVATION: We can't congregate, commemorate, or legislate our way into UNITY.
LifePoint Value: 'We Stand as One.'

How are we making sure that LifePoint is unified with and for other churches?
When Unity in the Spirit Happens:

1. You begin to defend people rather than your position.

2. You look for what's right rather than who's right.

3. You think the same way, no the same thoughts.

Think About It: We can achieve UNITY in DIVERSITY, through the commonality, of an ENEMY.
Uniting Truth:Make every effort to be at peace with PEOPLE, and take every opportunity to be at war with the POWERS of evil.
Discussion Questions
1. How do you feel about politics? Do you like engaging in conversations about politics or would you rather avoid them? Why?

2. How hopeful are you about unity - in our churches? In our nation? What gives you hope for unity? What causes you to feel less hopeful?

3. Kile defined diversity and unity and shared that we can’t congregate, commemorate, or legislate our way into Unity. Does this change the way you think about unity as well as the work to promote it?

4. Reread John 17:20-21. Why do you think Jesus prioritized praying for unity in his last prayers?

5. Reread Ephesians 4:3-6. Imagine the early church. Why do you think Paul needed to encourage them to make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of Peace?

6. Kile shared three points on how Unity in the Spirit Happens. Which of these points are the most challenging for you? Why?
a. You begin to defend people rather than your position.
b. You look for what’s right rather than who’s right.
c. You try to think the same way, not the same thoughts.

7. Kile discussed that division between those who follow Christ can actually get in the way of the unity we need to fight the real enemy. How and where have you seen this happening?

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