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The Better Question - NEIGHBORING (2)
Pastor Kile Baker May 31, 2020
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    1095 Stephanie Way, Minden, NV 89423, United States
    Domingo 8:30 AM, Domingo 10:00 AM, Domingo 11:30 AM
Series Focus: Would your neighbors be HAPPY or HEARTBROKEN if you moved?
KEY QUESTION: Who is my neighbor?
We can be focused on WHO's right that we lose sight of WHAT's right.
Uncomfortable Truth: It's easier to MAINTAIN a religious system than to be MOVED by love.
Δικαιῶσαι - Dikaiōsai

Justifying: to show or prove to be in the right. Convincing ourselves and others that our behavior is right.

Justified: An innocent or guiltless standing.
Jesus pointed back to the law not because it SAVES, but because it shows us that we need SAVING.
Key Truth: Justification doesn’t make us GOOD people, it makes us GOD’S people.
Better Question: To WHOM can I be a neighbor to?

Next Step: The Card
* Know your neighbor’s NAMES.
* Know their NEEDS.
* Give them your NUMBER.
Discussion Questions
1. Draw or show a picture of ‘The Card’ that we talked about in the message. Can you fill it out completely? If not, what does that tell you about getting to know your neighbors?

2. Read the ‘Uncomfortable Truth’ statement.

3. Talk about the differences in justifying your behavior, and how being justified by God should influence your behavior.

4. Read the Key Truth statement again. What is the difference between thinking we’re good and knowing we’re not? How does this affect your relationship with God and others?

5. Bring out ‘The Card’ again and look at the Next Steps of names, needs, number. What neighbors do you need to take these next steps with? What might prevent you from doing so.

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