Job’s Fifth Speech, Continued
1“My spirit is pulled down; my days are extinguished;
the graveyard is for me.
2Surely#Literally “If not” mockery is with me,
and my eye rests#Literally “spends the night” on their provocation.
3Please lay down a pledge for me with yourself;
who is he who will give security for my hand?#Or “who will give security for me?”
4Indeed,#Or “For” you have closed their mind from understanding;
therefore, you will not let them triumph.
5He denounces friends for reward,
so#Hebrew “and” his children’s eyes will fail.
6“And he has made me a proverb for#Hebrew “of” the peoples,
and I am one before whom people spit.#Literally “and spitting to the faces I am”
7And my eye has grown dim from grief,
and the limbs of my body are all#Hebrew “all of them” like a shadow.
8The upright are appalled at this,
and the innocent excites himself over the godless.
9But#Hebrew “And” the righteous holds on to his way,
and he who has clean hands#Literally “the clean of hands” increases in strength.
10But#Literally “And but” all of you must return#Literally “all of them you must return”—please come!#Literally “and please come,” or “come on!”
But#Hebrew “And” I shall not find a wise person among you.
11“My days are past; my plans are broken down—
even the desires of my heart.
12They make night into day,
saying, ‘Light is near to darkness.’#Literally “near from the faces of darkness”
13If I hope for Sheol as my house,
if I spread my couch in the darkness,
14if I call to the pit, ‘You are my father,’
to the maggot, ‘You are my mother or#Or “and” my sister,’
15where#Hebrew “and where” then is my hope?
And who will see my hope?#Literally “my hope who will see it”
16Will they go down to the bars of Sheol?
Or shall we descend together into the dust?”
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