Jesus Come Back Alive
(Matthew 28:1-10; Mark 16:1-8; John 20:1-10)
1Sunday, da first day in da week, befo da sun come up, da wahines bring da spices dey wen make ready, an go by da cave. 2Dey see da big stone Jesus friends wen use fo close da cave. But stay on da side now. 3Dey go inside da cave, but da Boss Jesus, his body no stay dea. 4Dey no can figga dat. Right den an dea two guys stand dea by dem. Da guys clotheses stay shining. 5Da wahines stay real scared. Dey go down on dea knees, an ony look da groun. Da two guys tell um, “How come you wahines stay looking fo da guy dat stay alive, ova hea aroun da mahke guys? 6Jesus not hea; he wen come back alive! Rememba, he wen tell you guys dis wen he still stay wit you guys Galilee side. 7He wen say, ‘I Da Guy Dass Fo Real. Dey gotta turn me ova to da bad guys. An dey goin kill me on top one cross. But day numba three, I goin come back alive!’ ”
8Den da wahines rememba wat Jesus wen say. 9So dey wen come back from da cave, an dey tell all dat stuff to Jesus eleven guys an to da odda peopo. 10Mary da Magdala wahine, Joanna, James mudda Mary, an da odda wahines dat wen go wit dem, dey tell all dis stuff to da guys dat Jesus was goin send all ova da place. 11But dem guys, dey neva believe wat da wahines say, cuz sound like dey wen make um up. 12But Peter wen get up an run to da cave. He bend down, an see ony da grave cloths dea. Den he go way, an he no can figga bout wat wen happen.
Two Guys Go Emmaus Town
(Mark 16:12-13)
13Dat same day had two a Jesus guys wen go one small town name Emmaus, bout seven miles from Jerusalem. 14Dey stay talk bout all da stuff dat wen happen. 15So dey talking lidat, an you know wat? Jesus come, an walk wit dem. 16But he neva let um know who him. 17He aks um, “Wat you guys stay talking bout now wen you walking?”
Dey stand dea, an dey hang dea face. 18One a dem, name Cleopas, tell him, “You must be da ony guy inside Jerusalem dat donno all da stuff dat jus wen happen ova dea.”
19He say, “Wat stuff?”
Dey say, “Da stuff dat dey wen do to Jesus, da guy from Nazaret. He one guy dat talk fo God. Wat he wen say an do in front God an all da peopo wen show he get power. 20Da main priest guys an our leada guys wen turn him in fo mahke. Den dey wen kill him on top one cross. 21We wen tink he da guy dat goin cut loose da Israel peopo from da power da bad kine stuff get ova dem. Dis wen happen day befo yesterday. 22Some wahines dat stay wit us wen blow our minds, cuz dey wen go by da cave dis morning, befo da sun come up. 23But dey neva find his body inside dea. Dey wen tell us dat dey wen see someting from God -- had angel guys dea, dat wen say Jesus stay alive! 24Some a our guys wen go to da tomb. Everyting stay jalike da wahines say. But dey neva see Jesus body.”
25Den Jesus tell da two guys, “You guys no tink! You hard head, cuz you guys no trus all da stuff da guys dat wen talk fo God wen say! 26Dey say dat da Spesho Guy God Goin Send gotta suffa all dis kine stuff, an afta, he goin come real awesome, yeah?” 27An den Jesus teach dem everyting da Bible wen say bout him from befo time. He start wit da stuff Moses wen write down inside da Rules, an den all da odda guys dat wen talk fo God, wat dey wen write down.
28Den dey come near Emmaus, da small town, an Jesus ack like he going litto bit mo far. 29But dey tell him, “Stay hea wit us, cuz pau hana, an dark awready.” So he go inside da house, fo stay wit dem. 30He sit down by da table fo eat wit dem. He take da bread, an tell God he good heart fo give um da bread, an broke da bread. Den he wen give um to dem. 31Den jalike dea eyes wen come open, an den dey wen know who he was. But right den an dea he wen disappear. 32Den dey tell each odda, “Ho! Our hearts was beating fast, all da time he stay talking wit us on top da road, an wen he showing us da stuff from da Bible from befo time, yeah?”
33Right den an dea dey wen stand up, an dey wen go back Jerusalem. Dey find Jesus eleven guys an da odda guys all togedda. 34Da eleven guys say, “Da Boss Jesus wen come back alive, fo shua! Simon wen see him!”
35Den da two guys tell um wat wen happen by da road, an dat dey wen know him wen he broke da bread.
Jesus Show Up Wit Da Guys He Wen Teach
(Matthew 28:16-20; Mark 16:14-18; John 20:19-23; Acts 1:6-8)
36Wen dey telling Jesus guys dis, ho! Jesus stand dea wit dem! He say, “No scared. I like you guys stay good inside.”
37But dey real, real scared! Dey tink dey seeing one ghost! 38He tell um, “How come you guys all scared? Why you no trus me? 39Look my hands an my feet. Try touch me, an see dat dis me, fo shua! One ghost no mo bones an skin, like you guys see I get.”
40He show dem his hands an feet. 41Dey still no believe, cuz dey all mix up inside. Dey feel real good inside, but same time, dey stay all max out. He tell um, “You guys get someting fo eat?” 42Dey give him one cook fish. 43He take um an eat um in front dem.
44He tell um, “All dis happen jalike I wen tell you guys wen I stay wit you. Everyting Moses wen write inside da Rules, an everyting da odda guys dat wen talk fo God wen write down, an everyting dat get inside da Songs fo God -- all da stuff dat stay from befo time inside da Bible, all dat, talk bout me! An everyting dey wen write, goin happen!”
45Den he wen help dem undastan da Bible. 46He tell um, “Dis wat dey wen write, ‘Da Christ guy, da Spesho Guy God Goin Send, he goin suffa an mahke, an den come back alive on day numba three afta he mahke. 47Afta dat, his guys goin teach all da diffren peopos inside da whole world bout Christ guy, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. Dey goin tell da peopos dey gotta come sorry fo all da bad kine stuff dey doing, an pau do um. So den, God goin let go da peopos an hemo dea shame fo all da bad kine stuff dey wen do. His guys goin go teach lidat cuz dey his guys an dey get his power, an dey goin start Jerusalem side.’ 48You guys wen see all dis stuff dat wen happen, an you goin tell da peopo bout um. 49I goin send you guys wat my Fadda wen promise you. So stay hea inside Jerusalem till you guys get da power dat come from God in da sky.”
Jesus Go Up Inside Da Sky
(Mark 16:19-20; Acts 1:9-11)
50Den Jesus take his guys outside Jerusalem, Betany side. He hold up his hands an aks God fo do good tings fo dem. 51Same time wen Jesus stay aksing God fo do good tings fo dem, he start fo go up inside da sky. 52Den dey all go down on dea knees fo show Jesus love an respeck. Den dey go back to Jerusalem. An dey stay real good inside. 53Dey stay inside da temple yard, praying an telling God how good he stay.
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