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The Lord’s Glory in Zion
1Arise, shine, for your light has come, #Is 9:2|NoBook| 26:19|NoBook| 30:26|NoBook| 51:17|NoBook| 52:2Eph 5:14
and the glory of the Lord shines over you. # = Jerusalem #Is 40:5|NoBook| 58:8Mal 4:2
2For look, darkness covers the earth,
and total darkness the peoples;
but the Lord will shine over you,
and His glory will appear over you.
3Nations will come to your light,
and kings to the brightness of your radiance. #Is 42:6|NoBook| 49:6Rv 21:24
4Raise your eyes and look around:
they all gather and come to you;
your sons will come from far away,
and your daughters will be carried on the hip. #Is 49:18-22
5Then you will see and be radiant, #Ps 34:5
and your heart will tremble and rejoice, # Lit expand
because the riches of the sea will become yours
and the wealth of the nations will come to you. #Is 61:6
6Caravans of camels will cover your land # Lit cover you
young camels of Midian and Ephah —
all of them will come from Sheba. #Gn 25:3Ps 72:10
They will carry gold and frankincense #Mt 2:11
and proclaim the praises of the Lord.
7All the flocks of Kedar will be gathered to you;
the rams of Nebaioth will serve you #Gn 25:13
and go up on My altar as an acceptable sacrifice. #Is 19:19|NoBook| 56:7
I will glorify My beautiful house. #Is 60:13Hg 2:7
8Who are these who fly like a cloud,
like doves to their shelters? #Hs 11:11
9Yes, the islands will wait for Me #Is 51:5
with the ships of Tarshish in the lead, #Ps 48:7Is 2:16
to bring your children from far away, #Is 14:2|NoBook| 43:6|NoBook| 49:22
their silver and gold with them,
for the honor of the Lord your God,
the Holy One of Israel, #Is 1:4|NoBook| 60:14
who has glorified you. #Is 55:5
10Foreigners will build up your walls, #Is 14:1-2|NoBook| 61:5Zch 6:15
and their kings will serve you. #Is 49:7Rv 21:24
Although I struck you in My wrath,
yet I will show mercy to you with My favor. #Hab 3:2
11Your gates will always be open;
they will never be shut day or night
so that the wealth of the nations
may be brought into you, #Rv 21:25-26
with their kings being led in procession.
12For the nation and the kingdom
that will not serve you will perish;
those nations will be annihilated. #Zch 14:17-19
13The glory of Lebanon will come to you #Is 35:2
its pine, fir, and cypress together #Is 41:19
to beautify the place of My sanctuary,
and I will glorify My dwelling place. # Lit glorify the place of My feet
14The sons of your oppressors
will come and bow down to you; #Is 14:1-2Zch 8:23
all who reviled you
will fall facedown at your feet. #Is 49:23Rv 3:9
They will call you the City of the Lord,
Zion of the Holy One of Israel. #Is 1:26
15Instead of your being deserted and hated,
with no one passing through, #Is 34:10
I will make you an object of eternal pride, #Is 65:18
a joy from age to age.
16You will nurse on the milk of nations,
and nurse at the breast of kings; #Is 49:2366:11-12
you will know that I, Yahweh, am your Savior #Is 43:3|NoBook| 49:26
and Redeemer, #Is 41:14|NoBook| 43:14 the Mighty One of Jacob. #Gn 49:24Ps 132:2Is 49:26
17I will bring gold instead of bronze;
I will bring silver instead of iron,
bronze instead of wood,
and iron instead of stones.
I will appoint peace as your guard
and righteousness as your ruler.
18Violence will never again be heard of in your land; #Is 11:9
devastation and destruction
will be gone from your borders.
But you will name your walls salvation #Is 26:1
and your gates, praise.
19The sun will no longer be your light by day,
and the brightness of the moon will not shine on you;
but the Lord will be your everlasting light, #Zch 14:6-7Rv 21:23|NoBook| 22:5
and your God will be your splendor.
20Your sun will no longer set,
and your moon will not fade;
for the Lord will be your everlasting light,
and the days of your sorrow will be over. #Is 35:10|NoBook| 65:19Rv 21:4
21Then all your people will be righteous; #Is 52:1
they will possess the land forever; #Ps 37:9Ezk 37:25
they are the branch I planted,
the work of My # LXX, DSS read His hands,
so that I may be glorified. #Is 61:3
22The least will become a thousand,
the smallest a mighty nation.
I am Yahweh;
I will accomplish it quickly in its time.

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