Of David.
1Establish justice for me, Lord,
because I have walked with integrity.
I’ve trusted the Lord without wavering.
2Examine me, Lord; put me to the test!
Purify#LXX or investigate my mind#Or kidneys and my heart.
3Because your faithful love is right in front of me—
I walk in your truth!
4I don’t spend time with people up to no good;
I don’t keep company with liars.
5I detest the company of evildoers,
and I don’t sit with wicked people.
6I wash my hands—they are innocent!
I walk all around your altar, Lord,
7proclaiming out loud my thanks,
declaring all your wonderful deeds!
8I love the beauty#LXX; MT the dwelling of your house of your house, Lord;
I love the place where your glory resides.
9Don’t gather me#Or my soul up with the sinners,
taking my life along with violent people
10in whose hands are evil schemes,
whose strong hands are full of bribes.
11But me? I walk with integrity.
Save me! Have mercy on me!
12My feet now stand on level ground.
I will bless the Lord in the great congregation.
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