1When Rachel saw that she bore no children for Jacob, Rachel was jealous of her sister. So she said to Jacob, Give me sonsif there are none, Ill die!
2But Jacob became furious with Rachel and said, Am I, instead of God, the one who withheld from you the fruit of the womb?
3So she said, Heres my maid-servant Bilhah. Go to her and let her give birth on my knees, so that from her I may also build a family.
4Then she gave her maid-servant Bilhah to him for a wife, and Jacob went to her.
5Bilhah became pregnant and gave birth to a son for Jacob.
6So Rachel said, God has judged my cause and also heard my voiceand given me a son. Therefore she named him Dan.
7Then Rachels female servant became pregnant again and gave birth to a second son for Jacob.
8So Rachel said, Ive surely wrestled greatly with my sister also Ive won. So she named him Naphtali.
9Now Leah saw that she stopped having children, so she took Zilpah her female servant and gave her to Jacob as a wife.
10Then Zilpah, Leahs female servant, gave birth to a son for Jacob.
11Leah said, How fortunate! So she named him Gad.
12Then Zilpah, Leahs female servant, gave birth to a second son for Jacob.
13Leah said, How happy am I, for daughters have called me happy. So she named him Asher.
14Now during the days of the wheat harvest, Reuben went and found mandrakes in the field and he brought them to his mother Leah. Then Rachel said to Leah, Please give me some of your sons mandrakes.
15But she said to her, Wasnt it enough that you took my husband away? Youd also take away my sons mandrakes? So Rachel said, That being so, let him lie with you tonight, in exchange for your sons mandrakes.
16So when Jacob came from the field in the evening, Leah went out to meet him, and she said, You must come to me. For Ive actually hired you with my sons mandrakes. So he lay with her that very night.
17Moreover, God heard Leah, and she became pregnant and gave birth to a fifth son for Jacob.
18Leah said, God gave me my reward because I gave my female servant to my husband. So she named him Issachar.
19Then Leah became pregnant again and gave birth to a sixth son for Jacob.
20Leah said, God has presented me a good gift. This time my husband will honor me for Ive borne six sons for him. So she named him Zebulun.
21Afterwards she gave birth to a daughter and named her Dinah.
22Then God remembered Rachel and God listened to her and opened her womb.
23Then she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. So she said, God has taken away my disgrace.
24She named him Joseph saying, May Adonai add another son for me.
Jacob Outwits Laban
25Now it was after Rachel gave birth to Joseph that Jacob said to Laban, Send me away so that I can go to my place and to my land.
26Give me my wives and my children for whom Ive served you, and let me go. For you yourself know my laborthat Ive served you.
27But Laban said to him, If Ive found favor in your eyesIve looked for good omens, and Adonai has blessed me because of you.
28Moreover he said, Name your own price and Ill pay it.
29Then he said to him, You yourself know how Ive served you and how your livestock fared with me.
30For you had very little before I came, and it has been busting at the seams in abundance. So Adonai blessed you with my every step. So now, when am I myself going to make something for my household also?
31Then he said, What can I pay you? Jacob said, You dont need to pay me anything. If you will do this one thing for me, I will shepherd your flock again and watch it:
32let me pass through your flock today, removing every colorfully spotted lamb from there and every dark-colored lamb among the sheep as well as the colorfully spotted among the goatsand that will be my salary.
33So tomorrow my honesty will testify on my behalf when you come to check on my salary you agreed to. Every one that isnt colorfully spotted among the goats or dark-colored among the sheep with me, it is stolen.
34So Laban said, All right! May it be according to your word.
35On that day he removed the colorfully striped and colorful billy goats as well as all the colorfully spotted goatseveryone with white on itand every dark-colored one among the lambs, and he put them in the hand of his sons.
36Then he put a three-days journey between them and Jacob, while Jacob was shepherding Labans remaining flocks.
37But Jacob took fresh white poplar, almond, and plane tree branches, peeled away white stripped sections on them, exposing the white of the branches.
38Then he set the branches he had peeled in front of the flocks in the drinking troughs and watering channels where the flocks come to drink. Since they were in heat when they came to drink,
39the flocks mated near the branches, and the flocks gave birth to striped, spotted and colorful ones.
40Now Jacob separated the lambs and set the faces of the flocks toward the striped ones as well as all the dark-colored ones among Labans flocks. Then he set aside the herds for himself and did not put them with Labans flocks.
41Whenever the strong flocks mated, Jacob put the branches in the watering troughs before the eyes of the flocks, to have them mate near the branches.
42But when the flocks were sickly, he did not put the branches downso the sickly ones became Labans and the stronger ones became Jacobs.
43And the man grew exceedingly prosperous and had numerous flocks, along with female and male servants, camels and donkeys.
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