Be Faithful When Tested
1Students, if you decide
to worship and obey the Lord,
be ready to face problems.
2Have firm self-control
and don't act too quickly
if trouble strikes.
3Don't turn from the Lord,
but be faithful;
that's the way to succeed.
4Accept everything that happens.
Be patient if others
humiliate you—
5 # Ws 3.561 P 1.7 humiliation tests people
as a furnace tests gold.#2.5 gold: Some manuscripts add “Trust the Lord if you become sick or poor.”
6The Lord will give his help,
if you depend only on him
and do right.
7If you fear the Lord
and are patient,
he will show you mercy.
But if you turn away,
you will fall.
8Put your trust in him,
and he will reward you.
9Don't give up hoping
for good things, like mercy
and a life full of joy.
10Look at past generations—
did the Lord desert those people
who trusted and feared him?
Or did he fail to answer those
who asked him for help?
11The Lord is kind
and shows mercy
by forgiving our sins
and rescuing us from trouble.
12But the Lord will send trouble
if you don't have the courage
to be faithful
and to stay away from sin.
13If you are too afraid
to put your trust in him,
he will not protect you
when problems come.
14And if you give up,
you will be in for trouble
when the Lord decides
to judge your life.
* 15#Ws 6.18Jn 14.152123 If you love the Lord
and respect him,
you will obey his commands.
16You will try to please him
and to be completely faithful
to his Law.
17If you fear the Lord,
you will prepare yourself
to worship him
with humility.
18We pray, Lord, that you
will decide our future.
You are as merciful
as you are majestic,#2.18 majestic: One ancient translation adds, “and you live up to your reputation.”
so don't leave our fate
in human hands.
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