About this book
Amos wasn't a professional prophet and had never been trained to be a prophet (7.14). But when the Lord gave him messages for the people in the northern kingdom, Amos left his home town of Tekoa in Judah and went to preach in the town of Bethel in Israel, probably at the famous place of worship.
In this book, Amos first condemns many of the nearby nations, and then he condemns the people of Israel, especially the rich who lived in luxury. They had great power and used it to rob the poor and to make slaves of them. And even though most of the people were worshipping other gods besides the Lord, they still expected the Lord to protect them. But Amos warned the people that they would be punished, and he said:
Choose good instead of evil!
See that justice is done.
Perhaps I, the Lord God All-Powerful,
will be kind to what's left
of your people.
A quick look at this book
1. Crimes of the nations will be punished (1.1—3.2)
2. Israel and Samaria will be destroyed (3.3—6.14)
3. Five visions of Israel's punishment (7.1—9.10)
4. Israel's bright future (9.11–15)
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