1A maskil of Asaf:
Why have you rejected us forever, God,
with your anger smoking against the sheep you once pastured?
2Remember your community, which you acquired long ago,
the tribe you redeemed to be your very own.
Remember Mount Tziyon, where you came to live.
3Hurry your steps to these endless ruins,
to the sanctuary devastated by the enemy.
4The roar of your foes filled your meeting-place;
they raised their own banners as a sign of their conquest.
5The place seemed like a thicket of trees
when lumbermen hack away with their axes.
6With hatchet and hammer they banged away,
smashing all the carved woodwork.
7They set your sanctuary on fire,
tore down and profaned the abode of your name.
8They said to themselves, “We will oppress them completely.”
They have burned down all God’s meeting-places in the land.
9We see no signs, there is no prophet any more;
none of us knows how long it will last.
10How much longer, God, will the foe jeer at us?
Will the enemy insult your name forever?
11Why do you hold back your hand?
Draw your right hand from your coat, and finish them off!
12God has been my king from earliest times,
acting to save throughout all the earth.
13By your strength you split the sea in two,
in the water you smashed sea monsters’ heads,
14you crushed the heads of Livyatan
and gave it as food to the creatures of the desert.
15You cut channels for springs and streams,
you dried up rivers that had never failed.
16The day is yours, and the night is yours;
it was you who established light and sun.
17It was you who fixed all the limits of the earth,
you made summer and winter.
18Remember how the enemy scoffs at Adonai,
how a brutish people insults your name.
19Don’t hand over the soul of your dove to wild beasts,
don’t forget forever the life of your poor.
20Look to the covenant, for the land’s dark places
are full of the haunts of violence.
21Don’t let the oppressed retreat in confusion;
let the poor and needy praise your name.
22Arise, God, and defend your cause;
remember how brutish men insult you all day.
23Don’t forget what your foes are saying,
the ever-rising uproar of your adversaries.