1A psalm of David:
Adonai, hear my prayer;
listen to my pleas for mercy.
In your faithfulness, answer me,
and in your righteousness.
2Don’t bring your servant to trial,
since in your sight no one alive
would be considered righteous.
3For an enemy is pursuing me;
he has crushed my life into the ground
and left me to live in darkness,
like those who have been long dead.
4My spirit faints within me;
my heart is appalled within me.
5I remember the days of old,
reflecting on all your deeds,
thinking about the work of your hands.
6I spread out my hands to you,
I long for you like a thirsty land. (Selah)
7Answer me quickly, Adonai,
because my spirit is fainting.
Don’t hide your face from me,
or I’ll be like those who drop down into a pit.
8Make me hear of your love in the morning,
because I rely on you.
Make me know the way I should walk,
because I entrust myself to you.
9Adonai, rescue me from my enemies;
I have hidden myself with you.
10Teach me to do your will,
because you are my God;
Let your good Spirit guide me
on ground that is level.
11For your name’s sake, Adonai, preserve my life;
in your righteousness, bring me out of distress.
12In your grace, cut off my enemies;
destroy all those harassing me;
because I am your servant.