1The Lord reigns,
let the nations tremble;
he sits enthroned between the cherubim,
let the earth shake.
2Great is the Lord in Zion;
he is exalted over all the nations.
3Let them praise your great and awesome name—
he is holy.
4The King is mighty, he loves justice—
you have established equity;
in Jacob you have done
what is just and right.
5Exalt the Lord our God
and worship at his footstool;
he is holy.
6Moses and Aaron were among his priests,
Samuel was among those who called on his name;
they called on the Lord
and he answered them.
7He spoke to them from the pillar of cloud;
they kept his statutes and the decrees he gave them.
8Lord our God,
you answered them;
you were to Israel a forgiving God,
though you punished their misdeeds.#:8Or God, / an avenger of the wrongs done to them
9Exalt the Lord our God
and worship at his holy mountain,
for the Lord our God is holy.
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