1 Remove, O Jerusalem, your robe of mourning and distress,
and put on forever the attractiveness of the glory that comes from God.
2 Clothe yourself with the double cloak of the righteousness that comes from God.#tn Cf. Isa 61:10.
Place on your head the diadem#tn Or “head-dress.”
of the glory of the Eternal One.
3 For God will make known your radiance#tn Or “splendor” or “magnificence.”
to everything under heaven.
4 For God will forever call your name#tn Grk “your name will be called by God forever.”
“Righteous Peace” and “Reverent Glory.”#tn Or “peace of righteousness” and “glory of reverence.”
5 Rise up, O Jerusalem, and stand on the height.
Look to the east and see that your children
have been gathered from west#tn Grk “setting of the sun.” to east
at the word of the Holy One,
rejoicing in God’s remembrance of them.#tn Grk “the remembrance of God.” The genitive is a subjective genitive, indicating the doer of the noun of action.
6 For they went out from you on foot,
being led away by their enemies.
But God is leading them back to you,
lifted up in glorious fashion,#tn Grk “with glory.” as though they were on royal thrones.#tc Grk “as throne of kingdom.” In place of the Greek word thronon (“throne”) many witnesses have here hious (“sons”). Some English versions follow the alternative reading (e.g., KJV, Douay, Knox). “Throne,” however, is the more difficult reading and should be preferred here. The difficulty of the Greek phrase may be due to Hebraic influence; sometimes the preposition ke (“like”) has the pregnant sense of “as on.” See GKC, §118s; Joüon, §133h.
7 For God has given instructions
that every high mountain and the everlasting hills be brought low
and the valleys be filled so as to become flat#tn Or “level.” ground,
so that Israel may walk securely to the glory of God.
8 The thickets and every sweet-smelling tree
have provided shade for Israel at God’s command.
9 For God will lead Israel with gladness
by his glorious light,#tn Grk “the light of his glory.”
with mercy and righteousness that proceed from him.
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