Salt And Light

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What did Jesus want us to understand about our purpose when he described the Church as “salt of the earth?”

How good are we at letting Christ shine through us in word and deed? What steps could we take, individually and as a church, in order to be more faithful and effective in our witness of Jesus. 

Maybe being salt means committing to pray for those in war-torn nations. Perhaps being light means making sacrifices for those living in poverty. The Church should seek justice for the oppressed and love those whom society casts away, just as Jesus did.

In Generous Justice, Tim Keller, a pastor and theologian, writes, “When the Bible speaks of doing justice, it means to live in a way that generates a strong community where human beings can flourish, to repair the fabric of shalom which has been eroded. This happens when we focus on the needs of the poor."

Jesus called and commissioned the church to participate in God’s mission to redeem and restore all of creation. For a small group reflection on being Salt & Light, download Tearfund’s in-depth study, What’s My Part: Finding Your Place In The Mission Of God.