Purpose: A Plan for Kids

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What do you think the purpose of a bee is? To make honey? To try and sting you when they get mad? While they definitely do those things, bees are actually best known for pollinating flowers and plants! That means they help plants grow and reproduce so they can make food. When a bee buzzes from one flower to another, it drops off some pollen, and the flower then uses that pollen to grow! Initially, you wouldn’t think bees have a very important purpose. But when you look closer, you realize that what seems like such a small job makes a really big difference!

The Bible

I give you a new command. Love one another. You must love one another, just as I have loved you. If you love one another, everyone will know you are my disciples.”—John 13:34–35


If I told you that your job was to love other people in the same way Jesus loves you, would you think that is a small or big job? Whichever you answered, you’re right! Loving other people the way Jesus loves us is a big job, because that is how the rest of the world knows we are following Him! But loving others doesn’t have to be a big show, because most of the time it happens in small ways. So, right now I want you to pause and think about how we can love those around us in the same way Jesus loves us! 

Do Something

So here is the challenge: First, we have to know how Jesus loves us. That means we have to regularly read the Bible! Second, we're going to think of one act of love we can do for someone in our house today. Then you have to do it! 


“Dear God, thank You so much for all the ways You love us. Help me to think about how I can love those around me, so they would know how much You love them. Amen!”