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13Then all your children will be taught by the Lord, # Jn 6:45their prosperity will be great,14and you will be establishedon a foundation of righteousness.You will be far from oppression,you will certainly not be afraid;you will be far from terror,it will certainly not come near you.15If anyone attacks you,it is not from Me;whoever attacks youwill fall before you.16Look, I have created the craftsmanwho blows on the charcoal fireand produces a weapon suitable for its task;and I have created the destroyer to cause havoc.17No weapon formed against you will succeed,and you will refute any accusation # Lit refute every tongueraised against you in court.This is the heritage of the Lord’s servants, # Is 41:8-9; Lk 1:54and their righteousness is from Me.” # Is 45:24; 46:13This is the Lord’s declaration.

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