Boaz Redeems Ruth
1And Boaz had gone up to the city gate and sat there. And look, the redeemer of whom Boaz had spoken was passing by. And he said, “Come over here to sit, friend.”#Literally “certain someone” And he came over and sat. 2And he took ten men from the elders of the city and said, “Sit here.” And they sat. 3And he said to the redeemer, “Naomi, who returned from the countryside of Moab, is selling the tract of land which was for our brother Elimelech. 4And I thought I would tell you#Literally “I would open your ear” and say, ‘Buy it in the presence of#Literally “Buy before” those sitting and before the elders of my people,’ if you want to redeem it, redeem it. But if you do not want to redeem, tell me so that I may know, for there is no one except you to redeem it, and I am after you.” And he said, “I want to redeem it.” 5And Boaz said, “On the day of your acquiring the field from the hand of Naomi, you also acquire Ruth the Moabite, the wife of the dead man, in order to raise up for the name of the dead his inheritance.” 6And the redeemer said, “I am not able to redeem for myself, lest I ruin my inheritance. You redeem for yourself my kinsman-redemption, for I am not able to redeem it.”
7(Now this was the custom in former times#Literally “before faces” in Israel concerning the kinsman-redemption and transfer of property: to confirm the matter, a man removed his sandal and gave it to his fellow countryman. This was the manner of attesting in Israel.) 8So the redeemer said to Boaz, “Acquire it for yourself,” and he removed his sandal. 9And Boaz said to the elders and all of the people, “You are witnesses today that I have acquired all that was for Elimelech and that was for Kilion and Mahlon from the hand of Naomi. 10And also Ruth the Moabite, the wife of Mahlon, I have acquired as a wife, to raise up the name of the dead over his inheritance, so that the name of the dead may not be cut off from his relatives and from the gate of his birth place. You are witnesses today.” 11And all of the people who were at the gate and the elders said, “We are witnesses. May Yahweh make the woman coming into your house as Rachel and as Leah, who together#Literally “the two of them” built the house of Israel. May you have strength in Ephrathah and bestow a name in Bethlehem. 12And may your house be like the house of Perez, whom Tamar bore to Judah from the offspring that Yahweh will give to you from this young woman.”
The Lineage of King David
13So Boaz took Ruth and she became his wife. And he went in to her, and Yahweh enabled her to conceive,#Literally “gave to her conception” and she bore a son. 14And the women said to Naomi, “Blessed be Yahweh who today did not leave you without a redeemer!#Literally “did not allow to be missing for you a redeemer” And may his name be renowned in Israel! 15He shall be for you a restorer of life and a sustainer in your old age, for your daughter-in-law who loves you, who is better for you than seven sons, has borne him.” 16And Naomi took the child and she put him on her bosom and became his nurse. 17And the women of the neighborhood gave him a name, saying, “A son has been born to Naomi.” And they called his name Obed. He was the father of Jesse, the father of David.
18Now these are the descendants of Perez: Perez fathered Hezron, 19and Hezron fathered Ram, and Ram fathered Amminadab, 20and Amminadab fathered Nahshon, and Nahshon fathered Salmon, 21and Salmon fathered Boaz, and Boaz fathered Obed, 22and Obed fathered Jesse, and Jesse fathered David.