Proverbs 11
1 Balances of deceit are an abomination of Yahweh,
but an accurate weight#Literally “a full stone” or “a pure stone” delights him.
2Pride comes, then disgrace comes,
but wisdom is with the humble.
3The integrity of the upright guides them,
but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them.
4Wealth does not profit on the day of wrath,
but righteousness will deliver from death.
5The righteousness of the blameless will keep his ways straight,
but the wicked will fall by his wickedness.
6The righteousness of the upright will save them,
but by a scheme the treacherous will be taken captive.
7With the death of a wicked person, hope will die,
and the expectation of the godless perishes.
8The righteous is delivered from trouble,
but the wicked enters into it.
9With a mouth, the godless shall destroy his neighbor,
but by knowledge the righteous are delivered.
10When good is with the righteous, the city rejoices,
and with the perishing of the wicked, jubilation.
11By the blessing of the upright, a city will be exalted,
but by the mouth of the wicked, it will be overthrown.
12He who lacks sense#Literally “heart” belittles his neighbor,
but a person of intelligence will remain silent.
13A gossip walks about telling a secret,
but the trustworthy in spirit keeps the matter.
14Where there is no guidance, a nation#Or “people” shall fall,
but there is safety in an abundance of counsel.
15He will suffer trouble when he loans to a stranger,
but he who refuses a pledge is safe.
16A woman of grace receives honor,
but the ruthless gets wealth.
17A person of kindness rewards himself,#Or “soul,” or “inner self”
but a cruel person harms his own flesh.
18The wicked earns#Or “does, makes” deceptive gain,#Literally “gain of deception”
but he who sows righteousness, a true reward.#Literally “a reward of truth”
19He who is steadfast in righteousness is to life
as#Hebrew “and” he who pursues evil is to death.
20An abomination of Yahweh are the crooked of heart,#Literally “crooked ones of heart”; “heart” may also be translated “mind”
but his delight are those with blameless ways.#Literally “blameless ones of ways”
21Rest assured,#Literally “Hand to hand” the wicked will not go unpunished,
but the offspring#Or “seed” of the righteous will escape.
22A ring of gold in the snout of a pig
is a woman who is beautiful but without discretion.
23The desire of the righteous is only good,
but the expectation of the wicked, wrath.
24There is one who gives yet grows richer,#Literally “adding more”
but he who withholds what is right#Literally “from what is right” only finds need.
25A person of blessing will be enriched,
and he who gives water also will be refreshed.
26He who withholds grain, the people curse him,
but a blessing is for the head of him who sells.
27He who diligently seeks good seeks favor,
but he who inquires of evil, it will come to him.
28He who trusts in his wealth is he who will fall,
but like a green leaf the righteous will flourish.
29He who brings trouble to his household, he will inherit wind,#Or “breath, spirit”
and a fool will serve the wise of heart.
30The fruit of righteousness is a tree of life,
and he who captures souls#Or “persons,” or “inner selves” is wise.
31If the righteous on earth will be repaid,
how much more#Literally “more for” the wicked and sinner.
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