Lamentations 4
Zion Is Punished
1How the gold has grown dim,
the pure gold has changed.
The stones of holiness are scattered
at the head of every street.
2The precious sons of Zion
weighed against fine gold,
how they are thought of as earthen vessels of clay,
the work of the potter’s hands.
3Even the jackal bears the beast
and nurses their cubs;
but the daughter of my people has become ruthless,
like ostriches in the wilderness.
4The tongue of the nursling cleaves
to its palate in thirst.
Children beg for food,
no one lays it out before them.#Literally “nothing spreads to them”
5The ones who eat delicacies,
they are ruined in the streets;
the ones nurtured in purple
lie on piles of trash.
6The iniquity of the daughter of my people is greater
than the sin of Sodom;
it was overthrown in a moment
and no hands were laid on her.
7Her princes were purer than snow,
they were whiter than milk;
their bodies were more ruddy than rubies,
sapphire their appearance.
8Now their appearance is blacker than soot,
they are not recognized in the streets;
their skin has shriveled on their bones,
it has become dry like wood.
9Happier were the victims of the sword
than the victims of famine;
they have pined away, very hungry
for the crops of my field.
10The hands of compassionate women,
have cooked their children;
they became as something to eat
in the destruction of the daughter of my people.
11Yahweh has completed his anger,
he has poured out his fierce anger;#Literally “the fierce anger of his nose”
he has kindled a fire in Zion,
it consumed her#Or “its” foundations.
12The kings of the earth did not believe,
and all the inhabitants of the world,
that a foe and an enemy could enter
into the gates of Jerusalem.
13Because of the sins of her prophets,
the guilt of her priests,
who shed blood in her midst,
of righteous people.
14They wander blindly in the streets;
they were defiled with the blood,
their clothes
could not be touched.
15“Go away! Defiled!” they shout to them.
“Go away! Go away! Do not touch!”
so they left, they left; it was said among the nations,
“They will no longer dwell with us.”#Literally “They will no longer be here as aliens”
16The presence of Yahweh has scattered them,
he will no longer watch over them;
they did not honor the priests,#Literally “they did not lift up the faces of the priests”
they did not show mercy to elders.
17Still our eyes failed,
looking for our help in vain;
in our watchtower, we kept watch
for a nation that could not save.
18They hunted our steps,
from walking in our streets;
our end has come near, our days are finished,#Literally “our days are filled”
our end has come.
19Our pursuers were swifter
than the eagles of the heavens;
they chased us on the mountains,
they have set an ambush for us in the desert.
20The breath of our nostrils, the anointed one of Yahweh,
was captured in their pits;
of whom we said, “In his shadow
we will live among the nations.”
21Rejoice and be glad, O daughter of Edom,
you who dwell in the land of Uz;
but to you also the cup will pass,
you will become drunk and strip yourself bare.
22The punishment of your iniquity is completed, O daughter of Zion,
your exile will not continue;
but he will punish your iniquity, O daughter of Edom,
he will reveal your sins.
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