Job’s Fifth Speech
1Then#Hebrew “And” Job answered and said,
2“I have heard many things like these;
all of you are miserable comforters.#Literally “comforters of trouble”
3Is there a limit to windy words?
What provokes you that you answer?
4I myself#Emphatic personal pronoun; also could talk as you,
if you were in my place;#Literally “there is your soul in place of my soul”
I could join against you with words,
and I could shake at you with my head.
5I could#Or “would” encourage you with my mouth,
and the solace of my lips would#Or “should” ease the pain.
6If I speak, my pain is not relieved;
and if I cease, how much will leave me?
7“Surely now he has worn me out;
you#Singular have devastated all my company.
8Thus#Hebrew “And” you shriveled me up;#Or “you have seized me”
it became a witness.
And my leanness has risen up against me;
it testifies to my face.
9His wrath has torn, and he has been hostile toward me;
he gnashed at me with his teeth.
My foe sharpens his eyes against me.
10They gaped at me with their mouth;
they struck my cheeks with disgrace;
they have massed themselves together against me.
11God delivers me to an evil one,
and he casts me into the hands of the wicked.
12“I was at ease, then#Hebrew “and” he broke me in two,
and he seized me by my neck;
then#Hebrew “and” he shattered me
and set me up as a target for him.
13His archers surround me;
he slashes open my kidneys, and he does not have compassion;
he pours out my gall on the ground.
14He breached me breach upon breach;#Literally “breach upon the faces of breach”
he rushes at me like a warrior.
15“I have sewed sackcloth on my skin,
and I have inserted my pride#Literally “my horn” in the dust.
16My face is red because of weeping,
and deep shadows are on my eyelids,
17although#Literally “upon,” or “because” violence is not on my hands,
and my prayer is pure.
18“O earth, you should not cover my blood,
and let there be no place#Or “do not let it become a place” for my cry for help.
19So now look, my witness is in the heavens,
and he who vouches for me is in the heights.
20My friends scorn me;
my eye pours out tears to God,
21and it argues#Or “but may someone argue” for a mortal with God,
and as a human#Literally “a son of man” for his friend.
22Indeed, after a few years#Literally “years of number” have come,
then#Hebrew “and” I will go the way from which I will not return.