Deuteronomy 11
1 “And you shall love Yahweh your God, and you shall keep his obligations and his statutes and his regulations and his commandments always.#Literally “all of the days” 2And you shall realize today#Literally “the day” that it is not with your children who have not known and who have not seen the discipline of Yahweh your God—his greatness, his strong hand, and his outstretched arm, 3and his signs and his deeds that he did in the midst of Egypt to Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, and to all of his land, 4and what he did to the army of Egypt and to their horses and to their chariots, and how he made the water of the Red Sea#Literally “sea of reed” flow over them, when they pursued after them,#Literally “in/at their pursuing after them” and so Yahweh has destroyed them, as is the case today,#Literally “until the day the this” 5and what he did to you in the desert until you came up to this place, 6and what he did to Dathan and to Abiram, the sons of Eliab, the son of Reuben, how the earth opened its mouth wide and swallowed them, their households and their tents, and all of the living creatures#Hebrew “creature” that were in their possession and that were following along with them#Literally “in their feet” = “living things traveling along with them” in the midst of all of Israel. 7The fact of the matter is, your own eyes have seen#Literally “your eyes that are seeing” all of the great deeds#Hebrew “deed” of Yahweh that he did.
8“And you must keep all of the commandments#Hebrew “commandment” that I am commanding you today,#Literally “the day” so that you may have strength and you may go and you may take possession of that land to which you are crossing#Literally “you are crossing there” to take possession of it, 9so that you may live long#Literally “you may make long days” on the land that Yahweh swore to your ancestors,#Or “fathers” to give it to them and to their offspring, a land flowing with milk and honey. 10For the fact is that the land that you are about to go into#Literally “you are about to go there” to take possession of it is not like the land of Egypt, from which you have come out of,#Literally “come out from there” where you sow your seed and you give water by your foot, as in a vegetable garden.#Literally “as the garden of the vegetables” 11But the land that you are about to cross into to take possession of it is a land of hills and valleys, and by the rain of the heaven it drinks water, 12a land that Yahweh your God is caring for it; continually the eyes of Yahweh your God are on it, from the beginning of the year up to the end of the year.
13“And it will happen that if you listen carefully to my commandments that I am commanding you today,#Literally “the day” to love Yahweh your God, and to serve him with all of your heart and with all of your soul,#Or “inner self” 14then ‘I will send the rain for your land in its season, early rain and later rain, and you will gather your grain and your wine and your olive oil. 15And I will give vegetation in your field for your livestock, and you will eat your fill.’#Literally “you will eat and you will be satisfied” 16Take care#Literally “Watch for yourself” so that your heart is not easily deceived, and you turn away, and you serve other gods, and you bow down to them. 17And then the anger of Yahweh will be kindled against you,#Literally “the nose of Yahweh become hot against you” and he will shut up the heavens,#Or “sky” and there shall not be rain, and so the ground will not give its produce, and you will perish quickly from the good land that Yahweh is giving to you.
18“And you shall put these, my words, on your heart and on your inner self,#Or “soul” and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand and let them be as an emblem between your eyes. 19And you shall teach them to your children#Or “sons” by talking about them when you sit in your house and when you travel on the road and when you lie down and when you get up. 20And you shall write them on the doorframes of your house and on your gates, 21so that they may multiply your days and the days of your children on the land that Yahweh swore to your ancestors#Or “fathers” to give it to them as long as heaven endures over the earth.#Literally “like the days of heaven above the earth” 22Yes, if you diligently keep all#Or “every one of” this commandment that I am commanding you to observe it, #Literally “to do it” by loving Yahweh your God by walking in#Literally “to walk in” all his ways and by holding fast to him, 23then Yahweh will drive out all of these nations before you,#Literally “to the face of you” and you will dispossess nations larger and more numerous than you. 24Every place on which the sole of your foot treads, it shall be yours; your boundary shall be from the desert and Lebanon from the river, the river Euphrates, on up to the western sea.#That is, the Mediterranean Sea 25No one can take a stand against you;#Literally “to your faces” your dread and your fear Yahweh your God will put on the surface#Literally “faces” of all the land where you tread,#Literally “which you tread in it” just as he promised#Literally “spoke” to you.
26“See, I am setting before you#Literally “to the face of you” today#Literally “the day” a blessing and a curse: 27the blessing, if you listen to the commandments of Yahweh your God that I am commanding you today,#Literally “the day” 28and the curse, if you do not listen to the commandments of Yahweh your God, but rather you turn from the way that I am commanding you today#Literally “the day” to go after other gods that you have not known.
29“And it will happen that when Yahweh your God has brought you to the land that you are going to,#Literally “the land that you are going there” to take possession of it, then#Hebrew “and” you shall pronounce the blessing on Mount Gerizim and the curse on Mount Ebal. 30(Are they not beyond the Jordan, toward the west,#Literally “after the way of the descent of the sun” in the land of the Canaanites living in the Jordan Valley,#Hebrew “in the Arabah” opposite Gilgal beside the terebinth#Or “oaks” of Moreh?) 31For you are now about to cross the Jordan to go to take possession of the land that Yahweh, your God, is giving to you, and you will take possession of it and live in it, 32and you must diligently observe#Literally “observe to do” all the rules and the regulations that I am setting before you#Literally “before your face” today.”#Literally “the day”
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