John 1
Wat God Say Make Us Come Alive Inside
(John 3:6,16,19; 4:44; 5:25; 8:41-42; 12:35,41-46; 17:5; Songs fo God 33:6)
1Da time everyting had start, had one Guy. “Godʼs Talk,” dass who him. Dat Guy an God, dey stay togedda, an da Guy stay God fo real kine. 2Dass da Guy, da time everyting had start, him an God stay togedda. 3God wen make everyting, but da way he do um, he tell dis Guy fo do um. No mo notting dis Guy neva make. 4He da Guy, if you like come alive fo real kine, you come by him, cuz dat kine life come from him. Wen peopo come alive lidat, jalike dey stay inside one place dat get plenny light. Den dey can see an undastan. 5No matta stay dark, da dark no can pio da light. Everytime get light.
6Had one guy God wen send, name John. 7God wen send John fo tell all da peopo wat he know bout Godʼs light, so dey can trus God cuz a him. Dass his kuleana.
8John, he not da light. He ony come fo tell da peopo dat da light stay fo real. 9Dat time wen John stay teaching, jalike da light dass fo real was coming inside da world. Dass da light dat show everybody wass true.
10Dat time, da light dass fo real wen stay inside da world. Wen God wen make da world, he da Guy wen do um. But da peopo inside da world, dey neva know who him. 11He wen come his own country, but even his own peopo neva take him in. 12But everybody dat take him in an trus him, God give dem da right fo come his kids, cuz dey know who him. 13Da way dey born, not da regula way, wit one guy fo dea fadda dat like get kids. Dey wen come Godʼs kids cuz God wen give um life inside.
14Dat “Godʼs Talk” Guy, he wen come one guy jalike us guys. He wen stay wit us. We wen see how awesome he stay. He awesome, cuz he da one an ony Boy dat come from da Fadda. He like do plenny good stuff fo us, cuz dass how he stay. Everyting he say bout God, stay fo real.
15John, he wen tell peopo wat he know bout dat Guy. He talk real strong so all da peopo can hear. He tell, “Dis da Guy I wen talk bout wen I wen say, ‘Bumbye one Guy goin show up, an dat Guy mo importan den me, cuz he stay awready from befo I born.’ ”
16John talk lidat cuz dat Guy like do so plenny good kine stuff, an he do um fo all us guys, ova an ova. 17Moses wen give our ancesta guys Godʼs Rules. Den Jesus Christ, Godʼs Spesho Guy, he wen do plenny good stuff fo us, an everyting he tell us bout God, stay fo real. 18No mo nobody dat wen see God fo real kine. But get dat Guy. No mo odda guy jalike him cuz he God too. An he stay mo tight wit his Fadda den all da oddas. He da One dat wen make clear how God stay.
Wat John Da Baptiza Guy Tell
(Matthew 3:1-12; Mark 1:2-8; Luke 3:13-17; Da Rules Second Time 18:15; Isaiah 40:3)
19One time, da Jewish leada guys wen send priest guys an odda guys from da Levi ohana dat help da priest guys. Dey send um by John fo aks, “Eh, who you?” Dis wat he wen tell um:
20He neva bulai. He tell um strait out, “Listen! I not da Christ, da Spesho Guy God Goin Send.”
21Dey aks him, “Den who you? You Elijah?” He tell, “No, I not.”
Dey say, “Den you da Spesho Guy dat goin come an talk fo God?” He tell, “No, I not.”
22Dey tell him, “Kay den. Tell us who you. Wat you say bout yoaself? We gotta tell da guys dat wen send us someting, you know!”
23He say, jalike Isaiah wen say, da guy who talk fo God long time ago,
“I da guy dat talk real strong inside da boonies,
‘Eh, make da road ready fo da Good Boss.
Make um strait fo him!’ ”
24Some a da guys da Jewish leadas wen send by John, dey Pharisees. 25Dem guys aks him, “Kay den. If you not da Spesho Christ Guy Dat God Goin Send, an you not Elijah, an you not da Spesho Guy dat goin come an talk fo God, den how come you stay baptize da peopo?”
26John tell um, “I stay baptize da peopo wit water. Anodda guy stay hea wit you guys, but you guys donno who him. 27I wen start fo teach first befo him, but I not spesho nuff even fo help him hemo his slippa.” 28All dis wen happen inside Betany town, da one dat stay da odda side da Jordan River. Dass wea John stay baptize da peopo.
Jesus Jalike Godʼs Baby Sheep
(John 1:15)
29Da nex day John spock Jesus coming by him, an he say, “Eh, you guys, try look da guy ova dea! You know wat? He jalike Godʼs baby sheep fo da sacrifice. He can hemo da shame fo da bad kine stuff dat everybody inside da whole world stay do! 30Dis da guy I wen talk bout wen I wen say, ‘Bumbye one guy goin show up afta me, but he stay mo importan den me, cuz he stay befo I born.’ 31I neva know who him befo time. But I stay hea so da Israel peopo can know who him. Dass why I stay baptize peopo wit water.”
32-33John tell mo bout wat he know. He say dis: “God wen send me fo baptize peopo wit water. He tell me, ‘You goin see my Spesho Spirit come down an stay wit one guy. He da guy goin let my Good an Spesho Spirit take ova my peopo.’ Dat time I wen see one guy, an I neva know who him. But den I wen see Godʼs Spesho Spirit come down from da sky jalike one dove, an stay wit da guy.
34I wen see dat, an I tell you guys, dat guy, he Godʼs Boy.”
Da First Guys Jesus Pick Fo Teach
35Da nex day John stay standing dea again wit two guys he teaching. 36Wen John spock Jesus walking by him, he say, “Look! Dis guy jalike Godʼs baby sheep fo da sacrifice.”
37Da two guys hear him say dat, an dey go wit Jesus. 38Jesus turn aroun an see dem going wit him. He tell, “Eh, wat you guys looking fo?”
Dey say, “Rabbi, wea you stay live?” (Now, “Rabbi,” dat mean “Teacha.”)
39Jesus say, “Come look.” So dey go wit him an see wea he stay, an dey stay dea wit him dat day. Was bout four clock in da aftanoon.
40Andrew, Simon Peterʼs brudda, he one a da two guys dat wen hear John Da Baptiza guy, an go wit Jesus. 41Da first ting, Andrew find his brudda Simon an tell him, “We wen find da Messiah.” (Now, “Messiah,” dat mean “Da Christ Guy, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send,” dea language.) 42Den he bring Simon to Jesus.
Jesus look at um an say, “You Simon, an yoa faddaʼs name John, yeah? but not da Baptiza Guy. From now dey goin call you ‘Cefas.’ ” (Dat mean “Peter,” o “Da Rock,” in dea language.)
Jesus Tell Philip an Natanael fo Come
43Da nex day Jesus wen tink fo go Galilee side. He find Philip an tell him, “Eh, come wit me, an be my guy.” 44Now, Philip come from Betsaida town, da same place Andrew an Peter live. 45Philip find Natanael an tell him, “We wen find da Guy dat Moses wen write bout in da book wit Godʼs Rules inside. An da guys dat wen talk fo God long time ago, dey wen write bout him too. He Jesus from Nazaret town, Josephʼs boy.”
46Natanael say, “Nah! No mo notting good come from Nazaret!”
Philip say, “Come look!”
47Jesus see Natanael coming by him, an he say, “Dis guy one fo real Israel guy. No mo notting fake inside him! He everytime tell da trut.”
48Natanael say, “How come you know who me?”
Jesus say, “I wen see you da time you was undaneat da fig tree, befo Philip tell you fo come.”
49Den Natanael tell him, “Teacha, you Godʼs Boy fo real kine! You da King fo da Israel peopo!”
50Jesus wen tell him, “You trus me jus cuz I tell you dat I wen see you undaneat da fig tree? Eh, you goin see mo betta stuff den dat!”
51Den he tell him, “Dass right! An I like tell all you guys dis: You guys goin see da sky open up, an Godʼs angel messenja guys going up an going down by me, da Guy Dass Fo Real.”

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