John 2
Da Wedding Lu‛au Inside Cana Town
1Afta two days had one wedding lu‛au inside Cana town, Galilee side. Jesus mudda was dea. 2Da ohana wen tell Jesus an his guys fo come too, so dey wen go. 3Bumbye no mo wine. Den Jesus mudda tell him, “Dey no mo wine, you know.”
4Jesus say, “Eh, Ma! Dass not my job, you know. Not time yet fo me fo show da awesome stuff.”
5Den his mudda tell da worka guys, “Wateva my boy tell you guys fo do, you do um!”
6Now, da Jewish peopo get Rules bout how dey gotta wash dea hands befo dey eat. So dey had six real big stone water jugs ova dea by da wall. Each jug can hold twenty o thirty gallon water. 7Jesus tell da worka guys, “Fill up da jugs wit water.” So dey wen fill um up to da top. 8Den he tell um, “Now, go take some out, an take um to da guy in charge a da lu‛au.” So dey take um to da guy. 9Da guy taste da water. Eh, da water wen come wine! Now, he neva know wea da wine come from. But da worka guys dat wen go get da water, dey know. Den da guy tell da groom fo come. 10Den da guy tell da groom, “Everybody bring out da real good wine first. Den, afta dea friends drink plenny, dey bring out da cheap wine. But you, you wen bring out da bestes kine wine now!”
11Dis ting inside Cana town, Galilee side, dis da first time Jesus wen do someting awesome. He wen show how awesome he stay, an da guys he teaching wen trus him.
12Afta dat, Jesus, his mudda, his bruddas, an da guys he teaching, dey wen go down Capernaum town. But dey ony stay dea litto wile.
Jesus Inside Da Temple
(Matthew 21:12-13; Mark 11:15-17; Luke 19:45-46; Songs fo God 69:9)
13Now, almos time fo da Jewish Passova. So Jesus wen go Jerusalem. 14Inside da temple yard Jesus see guys selling cows, sheeps, an doves fo da sacrifice. Had guys dea sitting down, selling da spesho kine temple money dat da peopo give God fo da temple. 15Jesus wen make one whip from small kine ropes, an he chase um all outside da temple yard, even da cows an sheeps. He wen huli da guys tables an dump dea coins all ova da place. 16An he tell da guys dat selling da doves, “Get um outa hea! No make my Faddaʼs house jalike one store!” 17Den his guys rememba dat da Bible say, “I love yoa house plenny. Stay burn inside me jalike one fire.”
18Den da Jewish leada guys tell him, “Wat awesome ting you goin do fo show us dat you get da right fo do all dis kine stuff?”
19Jesus say, “Bus up dis temple, an in three days I goin make one new temple.”
20Den da Jewish guys tell him, “Ho! Had guys dat wen work fo forty six years fo make dis temple! How you figga you goin make one new temple in three days?”
21But Jesus was talking bout his body, cuz his body jalike one temple. 22So den, bumbye, wen Jesus mahke an come back alive, his guys wen rememba dat he wen tell um dat, an dey wen trus wat da Bible say from befo time, an wat Jesus wen say.
Jesus Know How Everybody Stay Inside
23Now, wen Jesus stay inside Jerusalem fo da Passova religious time, plenny peopo wen trus him, cuz dey wen see all da awesome stuff he do fo show who him. 24But Jesus neva give himself to da peopo, cuz he know all dem. 25He neva need nobody fo tell um how da peopo stay, cuz he know how dey stay inside.

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